sugar (sugarcakesales) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Chocomint accessories, Corset,

Hi everyone. Though my journal was deleted when I moved I saw that I had a few things I didnt yet sell.

Anyways rather than getting rid of them I was going to offer you just this one time opportunity if anyone wants to buy anything

I have feedback here +61 100% positive.

I did have an issue with a user who said she never got my package, then later on, confessed that she did, filed a claim, i had to refund her because i did not get tracking. then she abruptly closed her paypal account.

because of my big loss of money in the ordeal, and the confusion, I assure you that I will get you tracking FREE.
this is for my protection and yours.

I accept personal payment via paypal only.

Chocomint Hair/brooch/pin accessories! $12  for 2 sax blue shipped. 2 bow clips as a free gift. they arent in the best of shape so they are free.

Corset- White eyelet. I cut off the ribbon, there is some discolorations. fraying near where ribbon was cut, you can clean this up with a scissors The eyelet has little bows on it. Its a UK size 8. Very adjustable because of the ribbon. I bought this off the sales comm was going to use it for Halloween but I have other plans now.
$15 shipped.

I have a rose dress too, its very full and the same one in red was featured in an Anne of Green gables themed egl photo shoot, please let me know if interested. It can definetly hold a petti, and fits the lolita sillohuete. Anyways its $15
If interested Ill get a photo of it.


Tags: !ds, offbrand

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