Danaidae (relphias) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Meta Telephone or Strawberry Cream & China SS

Feedback here.

If you have either of these Metamorphose pieces in good condition and would consider selling, please let me know by commenting or via PM, thanks! :)

I am looking for:

Metamorphose Telephone JSK in Blue
I really like this print but I'm just a teensy bit on the fence about this as I don't know if it might be too long. I'm 5'1" and petite for reference.


Metamorphose Strawberry Cream Skirt in Green
I'm kind of in love with the color. :9

I need a shopping service based in China!
I need someone who will be able to communicate with this shop. I read about them here and became highly interested in getting some lolita boots replicated in leather. I did inquire if they'd take an overseas order online [they replied yes a few days later but asked if I was a previous customer, which would make sizing infinitely easier, but I'm not :( ] The problem is that the process sounds a little intensive and I, knowing no Chinese to facilitate communication at all or even how I would send my payment to them, need someone that can more or less speak for me [and possibly accept my paypal payment and send the payment to the shop].

At this point, I'd need to ask for a price quote beforehand as well. :/ Please comment/PM me if you are able and willing, thank you! Or if you know anyone with good feedback that can, that'd help too.
Tags: !ss, !wtb, metamorphose

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