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!WTB Bodyline, Anna House, Qutieland or FanplusFriend stuff

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Location: Derbyshire, England

Hi people, I'll be getting some money in my bank account soon and I was looking to buy some cheap, offbrand but still high quality Lolita. I don't mind buying from these brands' proper websites but if anyone had something from my list they didn't want, I'd be happy to buy it. :-) I would like to buy at least two items, depending on how much you would like for your items. Two items means not of the same thing, so I don't want two skirts or two blouses, etc. ^^ Any currency other than pound sterling (£) will be converted and the money sent over to you will be in pound sterling. If you have the items I would like, please tell me the colour you have in it, the quality, how much you want for the item(s) and how much shipping is from wherever you live. Also if you could provide me photos of yor product, not just stock photos that'd be brill. I'm willing to pay for shipping from most parts of the world as long as it's not too expensive.Obviously if you have more than one item I want that'd save on shipping, yes yes? So do you have something from my wishlist?

Anna House petticoat, product no: 018-1163
Their price: HKD$150 = HKD$150 shipping + 4% Paypal fee = HKD$312

Bodyline Skirt #1
Their price: £23 + £12 shipping = £35
Preferred colour: Pink and black

Bodyline Skirt #2
Their price: £15 = £12 shipping = £27
Preferred colour: Pink and black

Bodyline Skirt #3
Their price: £15 + £12 shipping = £27
Preferred colour: The grey in the photo

Bodyline Skirt #4
Their price: £23 + £12 shipping = £35
Preferred colour: Sax blue though I'm not sure I have anything to coordinate with it. Never mind :)

Qutieland Surface of Spell Colour Flower Blouse
Their price: HKD$350 but I don't know how much shipping is.

Or do you have something else from these brands I might like? Feel free to make offers on products I don't have here and I'll see if I want to buy it. :) I hope you have something I like! xxx
Tags: !wtb, anna house, bodyline, fanplusfriend, offbrand

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