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DS: 3 classic dresses (IW & ETC)


general info

  • I accept paypal (+4%) and bank transfer.
  • I have feedback in my journal as well as in eglfeedback (+ 129)
  • If you want more info on a specific item or more pictures, just ask!
  • I ship from Belgium, shipping is NOT included.
    • to Belgium: 5,7 euro
    • airmail package up to 1 kilo to Europe: 9,6 euro (signed for: add 4,6 euro)
    • airmail package up to 1 kilo worldwide: 16 euro (signed for: add 4,6 euro)
    • taxipost (tracking number + refunded in case of loss), airmail package up till 5 kg
      • the Netherlands: 13 euro
      • Europe, VS, Russia,...: 26 euro
      • rest of world: 52 euro
  • I'm not responsible if an item gets lost in the mail.

Innocent World black bow jsk: sold

Innocent World burgundy flower dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute black classic flocked jsk: sold

Tags: !ds, emily temple cute, innocent world

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