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♣ momo aslkddjfjdkfjsbdsfd;;

WTB: OPs, JSKs, replicas, shoes

I would like to buy some more OPs/JSKs for my closet and am looking for replicas if possible, since my college student budget doesn't allot for legit brand at this time. My measurements are bust: 38", waist: 32" and I am looking for anything that isn't black or gray. It can have black in the print, but no all-over black plz. Non replicas are also fine, just show me what you got :) Prices need to be around $70 or less per piece including shipping.

Also looking to buy shoes to fit a 25cm/US 9 foot. Preferably Secret Shop, Montreal, an-ten-na, or Bodyline. I'd like to buy the shoes domestically since shipping for them is usually very expensive international.

FEEDBACK: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/644311.html
Tags: !wtb, *plus size, an-ten-na, anna house, bodyline, double decker, handmade, indie brand, lolita lola, montreal, secret shop

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