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SOLD DS: AP yellow x pink OP SOLD

I accept Paypal payments only. The first person who comments ready for an invoice with their paypal address will receive the item, but I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason. My EGL feedback page is here:
Thank you!

Yellow and pink Angelic Pretty OP:

Seller's photo from mbok(posted for dress form example):

My photos:

I'm not sure of the name of this dress, but it is SO cute! I bought it on mbok, and it arrived in like new condition; the pink price tag string was still attached to the zipper. I only tried it on twice for a few minutes each time, so it is still in like new condition.

This yellow dress has pink polka dots, a shirring panel in the back, and three pink ties across the shirring. There's also removable halter straps, and waist ties. I would recommend this dress for a max bust of 36", and max waist of 31". For reference, I have a 38" bust, and this dress is too tight for me. Please understand, this is just an estimate, your body type and fit may vary. :3

I will also include these fake nails that match the dress:
They are new, never worn, purchased on mbok.

I'm asking $145. Shipping within the US will be $10 for Priority, International will be $16 for Airmail.

Thanks for looking!
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