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!DS/!AC Cyperous Wig and art commissions.


Welcome ~ Irashai ~ Bienvenue

My feedback:

-I'm shipping from France

-Prices do not include shipping:
France: 8€
Europe: 10€ without track number or 16€ with track number
US: 12€ without track number or 22€ with track number
Australia: 15€ without track number or 25€ with track number

Option (only avaliable with track number)
Insurance : 2€
- I'm not responsible about lost package, damaged...if you don't take it
- All packages will be shipped via Colissimo La Poste for track number. I have a cat but I she don't go on my lolita goods. (but be aware they may have a

- Paiement accepted:
*paypal, I ask 3.4% +0.35€ for the treatement 
* Liquid if you live near Paris, we can do a real life meeting - trading. (PM me for that)

-I have a cat but she don't goes on my lolita goods so normaly there will not be any hair on it, but we never know, it can happen (so be aware of it).  I don't smoke and live alone.

Cyperous Wig

It's new! I only tried it one for 1min but it didn't go with my face.
I buyed it in Japan for 5900yens (54euros) + shipping taxes 3000yens ( 27euros)

Price I'm asking: 50euros 

Feel free to ask me any questions.

 Art commission
I'm open to do some art but I take only one or 2 persons at the same time because I'm a realy busy girl.
I'm studing in the video game sector, so I draw everyday
Feel free to give a price and what kind of art you want.

I do original characters but I can do fanart. (but in my style of drawing)
In anime style colouring, CG or traditional.
You will get an original art without protection tag, in a big size.

2 samples

My Deviantart:



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