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DS: Alice and the Pirates Coat - SOLD


I'm quite sad to let this coat go but I need the money right now for textbooks and other miscellaneous school things. x/

Bought secondhand from Closet Child. Only problem I could find with it was that one of the lapels drooped somewhat. I corrected it by safety pinning it. It's invisible, really, but if you'd like a picture of the problem area then let me know!

It's the same coat Kamijo had on his version of the Prince & Princess trading cards for that single in Dec. '08. Only ... I think this one's buttons are different heheh.


Stock pic from Closet Child:

Will fit up to 34" bust and 28" waist if front clasp is worn closed; it looks quite nice worn open too, though. =D


International, please inquire for shipping! Priority will go to US buyers / best offer, however.

Payment by paypal only please!

My feedback is here.

Any other questions, please ask. ^^ Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates

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