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DS: closet cleaning!

I was cleaning out my closet and found these items I don't wear that often. I want to sell them so I can buy an AatP skirt :D

My conditions:
♪I'm taking whoever can pay first and the highest offer!
♪ Prices are within shipping (without tracking and insurance)
♪I don't trade, exchange, return and refund.
♪I am not responsible for shipping.
♪Payment with paypal, prices are including fees
♪Feel free to ask questions!

Feedback on EGL: here (+2)
Feedback on my own journal (+2)

Innocent World Jumperskirt €105 shipped in EU, €114 shipped elsewhere
(wanted to trade this item first, but then I fell in love with another skirt so I need the money!)

The bows are removable!

It has lovely angels and roses on the print, and beautiful (looks like handwritten) music notes down the skirt ^^
Detail of the music notes
Detail of the angels and logo
Detail of the roses

The measurements:
Bust: max. 110 cm (shirring)
Waist: max. 125 cm (shirring)
Total length: 90 cm

Angelic Pretty blouse, €67 shipped in EU, €72 shipped elsewhere

Proof of ownership (the blouse has a detachable bow on the back, show in this picture)
Worn by me

I have to let this blouse go, 'cause it's too small for me :(
The blouse doesn't have shirring.

Bust: max. 88 cm
Waist: max. 82 cm
Total length: 52 cm

BTSSB hair combs, €27 shipped in the EU, €29 shipped elsewhere

Stock photo of BTSSB

Heart E Headband,  €26 shipped in EU, €28 shipped elsewhere

Gothic & Lolita Bibles, € 23 shipped in EU, €26 shipped elsewhere. Everything in a great state and WITH PATTERNS! Pending Payment

Japanese Volumes 20
Only volume 20 left!

Music-Note socks, €13 shipped in EU, €15 shipped elsewhere

Detail music notes

Never worn, only tried on.

Offbrand headdress, € 11 shipped in EU, €13 shipped elsewhere

Never worn!

Feel free to ask questions! :D


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