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WTB: pink teaparty shoes & white petticoat + DS/DT: offbrand jewelry, shoes.

*Priority to sellers in the US, as I need items by a deadline. Please offer only if you can send out your item quickly. Price, of course, is also deciding factor.
*For items I’m selling, first to give email for paypal invoice and zipcode gets item. Please pay promptly.
*Paypal only (unless you buy my jewelry through etsy). Trades and partial trades are sometimes welcome, especially if you want to trade the WTB shoes or petticoat for my jewelry or shoes. US shipments include tracking info.

My feedback found at


Want to buy pink teaparty shoes that fit a US 7.5
If you are willing to trade/partial trade for jewelry or my shoes, that’d be ideal.
I can pay via paypal otherwise.
Please show photos so that I can see condition, etc.

Also want white petticoat that fits size L/XL. Non-scratchy bottom layer.

This is jewelry that I have not yet listed in my Etsy shop.
You can also find more stuff at
If you rather have items that are at link, just let me know and I can sell through here if you prefer.

Most necklaces shown here $35 shipped in the US.
Lockets and crown are $40 shipped.
Rings $19 shipped.
Shoes $50 shipped.
Tracking included in US. Add $1 to ship to Canada. Add $5 to ship elsewhere

-Red/white patent leather shoes. Offbrand. Size 7. Worn only once or twice. Minor scuffs. Largest scuff shown in photo.

2 available - White enamel/silver sweets with cherry

- Pink enamel/silver sweets with strawberry

- Pink ice cream cone (enamel) with multicolored crystals, gold cone, pink chain

2 available - White ice cream (enamel) with multicolored crystals, silver cone & chain

- Lavender lollipop, lavender crystals on bow (silver). Reversible to silver bow.

- Silver parasol with pink crystals

- Silver cupcake with yellow crystals

- Silver with lavender crystal SWEET, metal bow, gray pearls, and purple rose

- Gunmetal with light blue crystals crown. Crown is over 2” by 2”.

- Antiqued gold/brass filigree bird necklace

- Red/white skull locket. Gunmetal.

-Black/cream Victorian woman skeleton locket. Gunmetal. (SENT TO usagi13chan)

-Ring version….gold and silver available. (SENT TO usagi13chan))

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, offbrand

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