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DS: AP Skirt, Putumayo OP, BL JSK

Hello~ In desperate need for money, so trying to get rid of a couple of things.

All prices include shipping and paypal fees within the US. Please keep in mind that I won't be able to ship anything out until Wednesday.
My feedback:

Angelic Pretty Secret Garden Skirt: SOLD

Bought this off the comm some time ago, but I can't fit into it, and don't think I ever can, so time for it to go. It's been worn twice (not by me) in my possession, I don't know how much it was worn before. It's accumulated some lint from being in my closet, and has a few black lines that I have no idea where they came from on the back. They're not very noticable as they kind of hide behind the folds. I haven't tried to clean them, so they may come off.
Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3
Max Waist: 28'' It has some elastic in the band, but it's definitely not comfortable over 28''.

Putumayo Pinstripe Halter Top OP: $90

I love this dress so much, but it really looks funny on my body type. I'm it's only owner, but it's been worn several times. Due to a washing mishap, the bows on top got crinkled. There's also some little white smudges on them (also not sure where they came from). Lastly the threads from the pinstripes got pulled a little. It's not noticable unless you look at it REALLY closely.
Crinkled Bow Another Crinkled Bow
Anyway, the dress can unbutton on the bottom to make it a little longer.
The back is fully shirred and can fit a 40'' bust with room to spare. The halter is also removable.

Bodyline Alice Print JSK: $50

Love this dress, but it is WAY too long. It's a 2TL. This is definitely suited for taller girls, or someone who likes long dresses ^ . ^ I'm 5'3'' and it goes past my knees (not quite to my ankles though). I've only worn it 2-3 times, and has no flaws as far as I can tell.
Max Bust: 39'' It's partially shirred in the back, but I wouldn't recommend anything larger than a 39'' bust. I could barely breathe.
Max Waist: 33'' Again, that is probably the max. That's my measurement and even though I could get into it, it wasn't that comfortable.
There is a zipper on the side as well.

Well, if there are any questions I'll be happy to answer them. I'm also willing to haggle a bit - w-

PS: Still desperately trying to get rid of this skirt Offbrand Gothic Lolita Skirt
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