usagi13chan (usagi13chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/DS: TRADED! Thank you!


- I do live in a house with animals (dogs & a cat) but they are not allowed to go into my room.
- Pay pal only please.
- I would like to trade also, show me what you got. :3
- Make offers
- feedback;

I had bought this JSK off the community and have only tried it on on once or twice for a few moments. I'm not sure of the size, but the back has some shirring and I have a 42 inch bust and I can slip it on and off with out using the zipper. It also laces up in the back for a smaller fit.

I would like to trade* it but will sell it for $115 + shipping.

(This is not my photo, but the owners before me... sorry its the onlu picture I have as of right now >.<)


I would perfer to trade for another JSK or OP, but I'm open for offers.

Bust: 40-42 inch (depends on the brand)
Waist: 33 inch


Tags: !ds, !dt
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