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Alternative J-fashion and Brand-specific sale communities

This is a list of Brand and Fashion-specific sale communities.
The list does not exclude the listed items and brands from egl_comm_sales .
The listed communities are just an alternative :)


eg_aristocrat EGA fashion

moimememoitie Moi-même-Moitié related

metamor_way  Metamorphose temps de fille related

innocent_w  Innocent World related

btssb Baby, The Stars Shine Bright related

angelicpoodle  Angelich PRetty related

bodyline_love  japanese Brand Bodyline

teddyboys oujisama, dandies, kodona and teddy boy style

erololi e.g. short skirts, skirts, vinyl, wrist corset, etc.

corset_shoppe Corsets

corsetry Corsets

gothfash Gothic Fashion

batgearbeyond Techno clubwear, alt gothic fashion, , fetish, punk, etc

le_grotesque  e.g. eyepatches, "blood-stained" blouses, bandages, etc

hnaoto h.naoto designer Naoto Hirooka

annasuilove Anna Sui related

sinssales e.g. creative handmade crafts, cyberpunk, rockabilly, etc

vwestwood Vivienne Westwood related

gyaru_com_sales e.g. Jesus Diamante, BananaFish, LizLisa, Tralala, Roconails etc

80s_cuties  e.g.  SPANK!, Nile Perch, Monascas Banana, 89s style, etc

vk_sales e.g. Algonquins, Peace Now, SexPot Revenge , Hell Cat Punks, etc

garagesalejapan e.g. J-rock, J-pop, Manga, Anime, Clothing, Novelty Items, Anything japanese

lolita_indies lolita, natural-kei/Pink House styles

girlysales e.g. girly, juicy, make-up, hairaccessories , vera wang, AnnaSui
diy_for_sale DIY goodies like jewelry, accessories, clothes, etc

nail_art Deco, Nail related

deco_den Deco related

cellphonelove Deco related

cute_stationery CUTE STATIONERY ONLY

fruitsy_shop   e.g. fruitsy stuff, hello kitty,  fruits style, etc.

fruitsyauctions   e.g. fruitsy stuff, hello kitty,  fruits style, etc.

mad_hattery Hats and headpieces

kimono_fashion kimono fashion

takuya_angel Takuya Angel and Wa-mono style

lovekimono Kimonos, Kimono-hime, Wa-Lolita, etc

mori_girl_sales Mori and  Natural Kei , Dolly Kei related

steamfashion  Steampunk.

blythedoll e.g. Blythe dolls, clothes, furniture, books etc

Please comment here or  PM me (oh_tralala ) if you feel like i forgot a community that should be on the list

thank you

suggested fromangelofdeath275 
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