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DS: ALL SOLD - Thankyou~

  * First to pay asking price + leave paypal address gets piority.
    * Payments made via Paypal. No cc-paypal (credit card linked) payments accepted.
    * Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it.
* No trades/partial trades.
    * Buyer needs feedback.
* Measurements are amatuer but I do my best.

There's feedback on my
LJ and some more feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

Offbrand: Black-brown Wig Set

45 USD Shipped 36 USD SHIPPED (USA/Oceanic Region)

Wig taken out ONLY for this

Condition: All of it's brand new - never been worn. Even the hair net is still on the wig. Wig doesn't have any "unnatural shine" when it's photograph. The colour your looking at is a dark brown with probably a bit of black. This set contains everything you see pictured in the above. Fibers are soft.

Items will be shipped in a bubble-padded envelope, I think the items will be alright but I thought I should mention it incase. I plan to slip in hard cardboard as support for the stand during transportation. A box would make it more expensive to ship.

Previous Sales Posts



* * *

If there are any questions feel free to ask. But if your not serious about buying please don't comment/PM me.

There are countries I do not ship to due to my worry of losing a parcel. I will ship to Italy, Canada, Brazil if your willing to pay for express (Depends on the item might be 15-20 US.). I don't ship to Isreal. I apologise for any inconvience it would cause but I just would worry too much about the parcel - I hope you understand. I am sorry though.

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