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DS: Classic Lolita Items

-All items ship from Germany
-I have no pets and I am a non-smoker
-I accept Paypal and bank transfer (within the EU)
-I prefer to ship with insurance. If you must insist on uninsured shipping, you do so at your own risk and I will not be held responsible for any losses or damages. Furthermore, I can only offer uninsured shipping for payments via bank transfer (EU only) as paypal holds me responsible in either case.
-If shipping turns out to be less than I charged you, I will gladly refund the difference :)

Postage fees:
Germany: 3,90€ (uninsured); 5,90€ (insured)
EU: 8,60€ (uninsured); 16€ (insured)
Rest of the world: 32€ (insured)

My feedback:

Selfmade Classic Set (4 pieces)

Here you see three of the four pieces already: greyxwhite striped OP with white ruffly underskirt and a little detachable bow. Yep, that's bow-shaped lace at the hem.

Waist: 68cm

Bust: 88cm

The dress doesn't sit super tight on me, though, so I think up to 2cm more might fit. It also has waistties

Comes with matching bonnet.

This is a stiff bonnet made from buckram (which is proper hatmaking material) and decorated with all kinds of stuff ;D It's a rather small one, so no satellite bowl effect. Since this was my first bonnet ever, the brim is not quite even and the craftsmanship is not yet as advanced. Nevertheless, it's wearable and beautiful and I spent around 25 hours on it.
While I think the set is really pretty, I hardly ever wear it since I have very few things to match it with. I put a lot of effort into designing and making the dress and bonnet. I am NOT a professional seamstress, though, so please excuse little flaws.

Price for the whole set: 80€ OBO
Dress, underskirt & bow (without the bonnet): 60€ OBO

Tags: !ds, handmade

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