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DT: Sleeping beauty (Will NOT sell)


I'm trading this because I don't have a purse or shoes to match it with and can't afford buying new once :S
This dress is seriously gorgeous and its print is amazing. It pains me to seperate with it but ngaa..
Anyway I received the dress last week (20/8-10) from it's previous owner, who was the first owner and never wore the dress. I've worn the dress twice, both for times school. It is in wonderful condition and flawless condition :)

A shitty webcam proof picute
Bust: 89-99 cm
Waist: 74-84cm
Length: 93 cm
I have a wishlist in my journal if that's intresting
I'd definetly trade for
Angelic Pretty: Fantastic dolly normal jsk in red or black
Starry night theatre OP or JSK in black

Alice and the Pirates
Beauty and the Rose promise jsk in black, blue
Masqurade theatre in black
Pirate Alice jsk in black or ivory
Vampire requiem jsk in black or red
Stained glass jsk in black
The dream in a midsummer night JSK in black

Juliette et Jusine Dentelle antique robe, size 3 in black

Innocent World: Chandelier in black or grey

Moi-meme-Moitie Anything that can fit a 92 cm bust and 72 waist

I will look at other offers as well.

I could also trade for a "lot" of  things like shoes + bag.. or something like that :P

Oh and my measurements:
Bust 92 cm
Waist 72 cm
Thanks for looking
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates

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