Amanda Tea (bunniea) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Amanda Tea

DS: Gabalnara Wig, Long Dark Brown Wig , Shiro Skirt & Btssb Jsk

Hi There I accept paypal
The link to my feedback is here:
Prices will have the paypal fee added
Also,I have pets for anyone who has allergies
Galbanara Wig:
I just bought this through the recent group order and its a lot browner than i thought it was going to be which I only wear black wigs or jet black wigs so the color just wouldnt  look right on me. Never worn ,brand new I can provide pictures if youre interested in the true color of it but its a very noticeable dark brown
  (picture taken with flash) 

$32.00 shipped

Long Dark Brown Wig:
Same issue, I bought this wig thinking it was gonna be close to jet black but it wasnt.Beautiful quality of a wig though and I wish it was the color I wanted it still has the tags and everything
30.00 shipped

Beautiful White Shiro Skirt:
Waist: 26-27 inches max
This is a beautiful skirt, I bought it through the comm here some years ago. It was made beautifully by a tailor. Its a pretty heavy skirt but good for all seasons. Zips and velcros at the back.

Just a feeler:
Wanted to see if anyone was interested in this dress.its by baby the stars shine bright . bust can fit up to 36" inches. and waist up to 28 inches". It has a lot of shirring at the straps. Im looking to either sell. or trade for something else that'll fit me a bit better. I can provide a proof of ownership photo and a photo of it being worn if interested.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright

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