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DS: Btssb bunny ears, swimmer things, pink candy wallet, ap socks, fairy tale tights and more!

Sales Rules

- All items shipped from 95128, California, USA
- First to pay asking price and leaves paypal gets priority
- Prices do not include shipping unless stated
- I do ship internationally as well
- I bear no responsibility for the package once it's left my hands unless you purchased insurance
- Feedback here http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/224166.html

Btssb White Lace Topped socks in Off-White

Bought it new from the btssb store in san francisco! Worn once and washed. Has faint (barely) pilling on the heel.

http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/baby/socks/134084.html (It's the first one on the page)

Price: $28+ shipping

6% DokiDoki Shorts

Bought it from the sales comm and have never worn it myself. The previous owner never mentioned that the heart button at the top is a bit loose. I don't have the time to repair it, but it's a very easy fiz (you just rethread the button and retighten it xD). The things that seem like polka dots are actually little hearts :3 I just want to make what I spent on it back.

Measurements: 32 inch waist MAX for comfort.

Price: $30+ shipping

Btssb Bunny Ears in White

Bought these off the comm. They're in great condition with no stains or rips.

Price: $35+ shipping

Pink Candy Tissue Holder

I believe you put your pocket issues in this little container xD

Price: $4 + shipping

Pink Candy Pencil/Cosmetic Pouch

A BNWT pencil case from pink candy! This is one of their older designs, but it’s very nice nonetheless. It can hold a quite a few and even a compact mirror :D Great for school or to use as a makeup case. It retails for 2,000 yen on Pink Candy’s website.

Price: $12+ shipping

Hello Kitty Necklace

Bought brand new from the Sanrio store and only worn around the house once. It would look great with any sweet/deco coord! :D

Price: $20+ shipping (I paid 24 originally for this :( )

Angelic Pretty Black x White Striped Socks

Brand new and still in its plastic packaging. I don't see myself ever wearing it and would rather it go to a good home D:

Price: $25+ shipping

TutuAnna Fairy Tale Tights

I got these socks in a group order earlier this year. However, I don't see myself ever wearing these D: They're all brand new! The first 3 have a cinderella motif and the last one is alice in wonderland. They all have bits of glitter in them :) They're the same ones TutuAnna sells haha.

Colors from left to right:

Black x Gold
Black x Silver

Price: $15+ shipping each

Swimmer Bear Ear Muffs

Perfect for the coming winter! These earmuffs are brand new, I just removed the tag and put them away Dx

Price: $22+ shipping

Swimmer Ice Cream Shelf

Brand new! It's an adorable ice cream shelf that you can use to put your things on.It's not as small as it looks :D

Price: $24+ shipping

Pink Candy Wallet

A brand new, super cute wallet from the brand pink candy. It comes with a dust bag and its own box. There is a detachable chain in case you don't want to put it in a purse and want to just carry it around :D

Original link with stock photos: http://pink-candy.net/wallet1.shtml

Price: $70+ shipping

Pink Head bow

An off-brand pink headbow. Brand new and has never been used. It has a fuzzy/furry texture to it and is a dusty rose color.

Price: $8+ shipping

Btssb White Bow

I bought the bow second hand from mbok and have never worn it myself. It's in excellent conditions with no issues on it.

Price: $30+ shipping

Offbrand Pink Socks

Bought off the comm used, but I've never worn them myself. They're clean and there are no holes of any sort. They're in good condition. They're under the knee socks.

Price: $8+ shipping

Any other questions? Feel free to ask. I take offers too :3

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand, swimmer

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