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DA: BTSSB + AATP princess white dress set => RARE !!

!DA: BTSSB + AATP princess white dress set

Welcome ~ Bienvenus ~ youkoso

My feedback:


- Bidding will be in euro.

- Prices do not include shipping.
France: 8€
Europe: 10€ without track number or 16€ with track number
US: 12€ without track number or 22€ with track number
Australia: 15€ without track number or 25€ with track number

- Option (only avaliable with track number)
Insurance : 2€
Not responsible about lost package, damaged...if you don't take it
- All packages will be shipped via Colissimo La Poste for track number. 

- Paiement accepted:
*paypal I ask 3.4% +0.35€ for the treatement 

* Liquid if you live near Paris, we can do a real life meeting - trading. (PM me for that)

- may accept trade
- All cothes are cleaned before sending, I have a cat but she don't go on my lolita clothes. Normaly there will not be any hair on it, but we never know, it can happen (so be aware of it).  I don't smoke and live alone.
- serious buyer only ! 
- Only comment on Bidding. NO bids via PM please.

DA :  BTSSB princess dress + AATP skirt set

I buyed this at BTSSB Paris one year ago. The dress is rare and was expensive (450euros).
There didn't exist any official skirt with it, so they proposed me a AATP white skirt for (160euros) (look on my 2 upper photos).
So I would like to start the bidding on 300euros (-310euros) for the set

It's like new,  I used it 3times. No flaws or stains noticed. 
I handwashed it carfully one time.

The laces, the arms froufrou's and the collar are removables.
The collar can be putted down (like my photos) or up (like the official photos) 

Starting bid: 300euros (386$)
Current high bid : *
Ending time : Saturday 4th at 22:00PM (Paris)
For bid: 10euros minimum

Buy it now price: 450euros


The dress is good for a 36 (S) or a 38 (M)
Be aware of the upper arms who are like other lolita brand, quite small.
(I will put more mesurement if needed, please feel free to ask)  


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