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Hand made jewelery + art commissions

My feedback.

I only have 12 envelopes to send items in at the moment (low on supplies and money to buy more) so I will only be taking 12 orders for these. Shipping will be the price of the ring + $1.50 USD for shipping. Combining items will make it $2.00 for shipping.

I will only ship within the United States. Also you will need to cover the paypal fees (or pay as a gift. I know many people aren't comfortable with this, but it does avoid fees, but doesn't give you the security of disputes.)

Sorry for the bad images on some of these, my camera isn't the best.

$5.00 rings

2 in stock

2 in stock

2 in stock

2 in stock

3 in stock

1 in stock

2 in stock

(not pictured a pink/green combination. Like the apple flavor, but reversed colors)
2 in stock.

6.50$ pins and phone straps

3 phone straps available, two pins.

3 phone straps available

$4 Rings

2 available

3 available

3 available

1 available

3 available

3 available

3 available

I am open for pretty much any commissions, you can take a look at my Deviant Art Gallery and if there is a style or something you are interested in, I will be happy to talk with you and get something done for you.

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