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WTB: 2010 META LP Item! Solid Black Brand JSK

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Location: North Carolina, USA
Paypal - verified, premium

Here are the details of what I am looking for:

+ Solid Black, no exceptions (even if its just lace).
+ JSK, but I'm open to OP's. No Skirts.
+Preferably Meta. Especially one of the 2010 Lucky Pack "Quite Set" JSK's. Baby would be my second choice, as long as it fits the other points. But, essentially, it doesn't matter as long as I can use it for the event I need it for. I will be managing an evening club, so I want to appear femanine and traditional/old "sweet" style, yet fully dressed in Kuro.
+I'd love to buy matching socks (maybe bloomers and/or a bow), if it's part of a set. If not, I'd still be open to socks as long as I find a dress.
+Empire waisted, and you're speaking my language :3

+ For reference, my sizes are: 34", 25", 35". I am, approximately, 5'5" 

And two extra tid-bits:
+I want to leave this post up for a little while in order to see as many offers as possible. I will respond to everyone, but I want to make sure I don't miss out on my ideal dress because I jumped the gun.
+I definitely want shipping confirmation.

That should be all ~ Please show me what you're willing to part with! I am an eager buyer!2010 
Tags: !wtb, metamorphose

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