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Btssb prints - virgin mary + mother goose. International shipping included!


- Location is Auckland, New Zealand
- Feedback here
- Paypal ONLY
- Please leave comments, not PMs.
- No pets, non smoking.
- Serious offers only

Shipping Information:
- I ship from New Zealand
- PRICE COVERS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING [approx US$28] (airmail 3-10 working days, untracked. Tracked will cost extra I'm afraid.)
- Let me know if you live within New Zealand or Australia, shipping is significantly less.
- I can ship immediately
- Not responsible for damages or if package is lost
- Please let me know if you have specific sending instructions
- Not responsible for customs fees.

Since I'm really rather clueless at how much things are worth, these items will be up for two days, or until offers stop coming in :P
Trades are welcome; I prefer darker things, but I'm will to consider partial trades or anything else you have, so please offer.
My dream print is "Dream in a Midsummer Night" in any colourway and Beardsley Alice in black.

My proof will be the pale tartan checked sheets :)


Bust & Waist: 62-110cm
Length: 90-105cm
Please note pictures were taken at night without flash, I will try to upload better ones tomorrow.

Also known as Angel Applique/ Angel Window or something along those lines :P

I bought this cos I loved the print, but I look terrible in light colors Dx.
Its absolutely brand new - without tags. I only tried it on, its never been worn outside.
Comes with the detachable waist ties.
Extremely plus-size friendly!

Taking offers starting at US$195 (I have come to accept that I will make a huge loss on this one)
Current offer:

BTSSB Mother Goose Starry Night Sky skirt in pink. SOLD

Max waist: 70cm
Length: 56cm

I bought this from closet child, love the print, but its way too small.
I believe that one of the original buttons at the waist has come off, so closet child replaced it with a similar flower one. I don't have a picture of this right now, sorry. But it is totally unnoticeable when you wear it.
Comes with the detachable waist ties.
Excellent condition. Fully lined with netting, and the fabric is pretty stiff (still 100% cotton), so this will definitely super-poof.

Taking offers starting at US$110 (This is exactly how much I paid for it, plus US$28 shipping)
Current offer:

Handmade Pink/White Polkadot Bustle Skirt

Waist: 80 - 110 approx
Length: 50cm

One of my sewing projects, it turned out too big for me though.
Please note that I do not have a serger, and I've taken care to zig-zag stitch to stop fraying as much as possible, but nothing is serged. The machine also screwed up when I was doing the ruffles for the bustle, but you can't see it unless you flip the skirt inside out and look between the lining.

Other than that, the skirt is made of 100% cotton lace and fabric, and is fully lined (pink) and stiff white netting. There is over 10 metres of lace on this skirt!
Detachable waist ties - I think one of the button holes might be slightly fraying.
Fully elasticated waist, no zips.

Taking offers starting at US$60 (Includes $28 shipping)
Current offer:

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