La Lapine Noir (lapinenoir) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
La Lapine Noir

WTB - Blouses and headbows.

Hello, all! c:

My feedback:

I'm wanting to buy some accessories for my head. And some other stuff.

Firstly, head bows -

I'm looking for basics. I love both AP and BTSSB style bows, but for different occasions. I'd like AP style bows for most instances.
AP style headbows
I need this style in all kinds of colors: black, pink, lavender, blue, and mint.

BTSSB Style headbows
In black only for right now.

I'd like them in solid colors for now. If you are a seamstress and can make me a bow in either style, please link to photos of your work, your feedback, a time estimate, and list your prices. I'm really picky, so I please don't be offended if I don't choose to use your service. ;3; I must be confident that you can make the bow exactly as pictured. If you are a seamstress, can I buy the fabric after I've matched it to my dresses and send it out for you to sew? Let me know if that works! And if so, how much fabric you'd need.

As for a blouse, I have a million on my list but there are two specific ones that I need. Feel free to show me the blouses you have, but I'm looking for:

1 black short or detachable sleeve blouse.
1 pink long sleeve blouse, preferably with a bow tie.

AP vastly preferred.

Thanks so much!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, handmade

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