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DS: Brand and Off-Brand Sale - Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Accessories...

Sales Notes:
- Shipped from California, USA
- US buyers preferred
- I cannot be responsible for lost/stolen packages
- I try my best with the measurements but they may be off.
- Prices in US $
- Paypal only please.
- From a smoke/pet free home
- Feedback @:

- Measurements are taken flat and doubled.
- I reserve the right at all times to refuse a sale
- If you have questions please ask~

- Prices are not final. Offers will be considered!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Scallop Princess         

Size (as given by Baby)

BTSSB Scallop Princess in kinari/cream and white. Bought directly from BTSSB to try it on. I took the tag off when I tried it on but I will send it with the dress. It's very beautiful but I've come to terms that it does not suit me very well... It still has all the ribbon ties and detachable bow. Roses on the bow are also detachable

Dear Celine Sugar School Dress

Size  XL
Length: 37
Bust: 37.5 inches
Waist:31 inches

Worn only twice.
---- Asking price $85 Shipped in US    Reduced to $68!

Navy Meta OP          SOLD

Length: 32 inches
Bust: 34
Waist:30 inches

Removable waist ties included. There is corseting on the front but it is for decoration not functional for making the dress smaller.

White Anna House Blouse w/ detachable sleeves.

Size L (from Anna House's website)
Bust: 36~38 inches
Waist: 36~38 inches
Taken out of its packaging only to briefly try on. Still in a pristine condition. The sleeves are detachable on this one.

Black Bodyline Blouse w/ removable sleeves 
Size  F (Free size)
Length: 20 inches
Bust: 35.5
Waist:28.8 inches
Sleeve Circumference: 14.5 inches

Bought from bodyline but never worn. Has removable sleeves.

BTSSB Antique Rose Skirt            SOLD

Length: 18.5 inches (including the lace at the bottom. 17 inches without the lace)
Waist:24.5 inches

Bought from Y!A Japan but too small for me. I think it's a little on the short side and best for those who wear petite sizes. Light petti on the inside and has removable waist ties. Lots of pretty cotton lace.

Black Innocent World Headress

Length: 11.5 inches
Width: 2 inches

Bodyline British Lady Set

Size  (from Bodyline website)
Around 37cm
neck Length 54cm
sleeve length 57cm
shoulder length 34cm
bust 94cm
corset waist 63 - 78cm
skirt height 55cm
waist 58 - 84cm

Bought from bodyline  but never worn. Complete set with blouse, corset, and skirt. $87 on Bodyline website (it's also sold out)

Black Lacy Petticoat            SOLD
Size  Molco Mod Size P  (measurements given by their website)
Length:  19.5 inches
Width: 21~28 inches

Very soft and nice! 100% nylon but feels like chiffon.

Anna House Caplet            SOLD
Size  L (from Anna House's website)
Length 14in (back)

Worn only twice. In very good condition!

Black Mini Top Hat    -----            SOLD

Length: 5.5 inches (including brim)
Width: 5 inches (including brim)
Height: 3 inches

Has both a haircomb on the inside and ribbons to attach to head.

Innocent World Blouse

Size  L
Bust:  37 inches
Waist: 31 inches

I bought this from the Innocent World website. The fabric has a really nice fleur de li pattern. Comes with a collar with a ribbon on it that detaches with velcro. Would like to keep but it is too small for me. I have only worn it once for about 2 hours. Unfortunately the third button on this blouse fell off and it did not come with a replacement button. If you plan on using the collar then you can always take the top button (which would get covered) and use it to replace the missing one. Includes removable waist ties.

---- Asking price $50 Shipped in US

Brown Innocent World Skirt

Size  M
Length: 24  inches
Waist: 23~27 inches

I bought this at the same time as the blouse above. It is chocolate brown and high waisted. I really admire it but have not worn it out. I've only tried it on when i first got it. It still has the tag! (retail at ¥13,440 !)
---- Asking price $80 Shipped in US

Mary Magdalene Replica + Underskirt           SOLD

Length:  27 inches (not including the underskirt)
Bust: 33 inches
Waist: 28 inches

Length: 22 inches
Waist: 19~32 inches

I bought this from egl but haven't had a chance to wear it. It is a lovely burgundy/wine color with a white underskirt. It has a sweetheart neckline (its a bit hard to see the neckline in the photo because you can see the back of the dress underneath. if you look carefully you can see that it dips a bit in the middle of the neckline) and the shoulders are elasticated. I took the corset ribbon on the back off to have it cleaned. I have since lost it and replaced it with a chocolate brown ribbon (as shown.

Black BTSSB Jsk          SOLD

Length:  32 inches
Bust: 30 inches +~2 inches of shirring
Waist: 26inches +~2 inches of shirring

Lots of cotton lace! Some shirring in the back for a little extra room. Removable waist ties included.

White Meta Skirt            SOLD
Length: 22 inches
Width: 20 ~32 inches

Worn a couple times. The lace on the edge is more of an off-white

Anna House Bow on Hairband            SOLD

---- Asking price $15 Shipped in US

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