chibi_red_stars (chibi_red_stars) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

EA: Metamorphose Thumbelina Skirt

Feedback is here:

Metamorphose Lilac Gingham Thumbelina Skirt - Ebay link > here <

Waist size is min 24 inches - max of about 29 inches, I wouldn't push it past the 29 though.

So after gaining quite a bit of weight, I figured I should let some of my will-probably-never-fit-into-again items go.
I am putting my (never worn) Metamorphose Lilac Thumbelina skirt for auction on ebay.

I gained weight not long after buying this (bought it from original owner on this community, and it was never worn by her either), so it was only tried on once by me, for a short period of time.

Tags: !ea, metamorphose

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