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DS: Beautiful Angelic Pretty Princess Doll OP

My feedback can be found here ( and here is a snapshot of my previous feedback (At +39) page on loligothdbs ( and I can also be found as allureviola on ebay and etsy.

For this item, I will be shipping registered from Japan (I am from Singapore, but the dress is with my helper currently in Japan). First to confirm will get the dress, by putting down your paypal address, regardless of queries. No holds due to selling circumstances.

Prices quoted are in USD. Payment by Paypal only. Please let me know if you have any other queries. No trades please!~ After payment is confirmed, my helper will ship out the dress within five days, and I will keep you informed at every stage.

If there is more than one offer on this sale page, I will accept the higher offer (but only valid before I have confirmed and accepted payment),

1. Very Rare Angelic Pretty Rose Princess Doll: USD$225(includes shipping to anywhere)

This is a very rare edition of Angelic Pretty's Rose Princess Doll, which I wore once to my law ball :) I think it can fit up to a ~28inch waist. It has been very well taken of since I wore it that one time for my law ball :)

My Photographs:   

Stock Photographs  (Please note that mine is pink,)

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