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!DS: Bodyline Set

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Hello, I'm selling this Bodyline jsk, high-waisted overskirt, and cameo brooch set for $37 USD. It is pre-owned, but it's in wonderful condition. The previous owner wore it a few times, and I have only worn it once. It has been dry cleaned (if you see an orange thing in any of the photos, that's the dry cleaner's tag). I do not have the hat or the choker.
The previous owner had the buttons replaced.


Length...84-98cm (33-38in)
Bust.......88-94cm (34-37in)
Waist.....70-76cm (27-29in)

Length...58-75cm (22-29in)
Waist.....64-74cm (25-29in)

Stock photo

My photos

Front, back, front (laying flat)

Side zipper, rose lace, corset-style back

This is the only fault I could find. These marks are on the back, so they won't be seen if worn with the overskirt.

Front, back

Lace, corset-style back, buttons

Front, back, corset closeup (when worn, they line up, and it looks really cute o wo)

Brooch and extra buttons!

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