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URGENT DS!: Metamorphose set and headbow


My feedback page is located here: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/608563.html
I ship from the US, and all prices are in USD. I do not ship internationally.
My only accepted payment method is PayPal.
I generally ship within a few days of receiving payment.
Priority will go to the first person to leave their Paypal.
Prices are negotiable.
Please note I have cats, but I try to keep them away from my clothes.
Items are well documented, but please do not hesitate to ask for additional information or photos.
I am not responsible for any damages done to items after they have left my hands. All sales are final.

Hi! I will be going to an event soon and I need something to wear. Unfortunately, nothing matches with what I have, which happens to be the Metamorphose Gingham Special Set in Black. 

I bought this for $97 dollars shipped, so hopefully I want to get at least 70 for the item alone. I am willing to take this price down, of course.  But I would prefer offers to stay around here.

The threads which would hold the waist tie have snapped (I’m cursed when dealing with waist ties!) but would be easy to fix, and the waist tie is included. It’s only been tried on, which is when the waist tie went off, and I doubt the person before me wore it once, because it was in such pristine condition when I received it.

This set includes the blouse, skirt, head bow (on an alligator clip), wrist cuffs and a little tote bag with Metmorphose’s logo on it.


length 56.5cm (22.2in),
bust 94cm (37.0in), (please keep in mind that this item is shirred in the back)
waist 74cm (29.1in), (please keep in mind that this item is shirred in the back and has waist ties)
sleeve length 20cm (7.87in),
shoulder width 38cm (14.9in)

length 50cm (19.6in),
waist 64 - 74.5cm (25.1 - 29.3in)

Shipping from the US would be $10.70.

I commissioned a pink bow when I had something pink to wear with it, but now I don’t. D:. Therefore I am selling this bow.

It’s lovely and very detailed. It has soft crochet lace with hearts embroidered in it, with little pearls sewn on the edges of the lace. It is double layered and poofy, but not too stiff. There are little pink bows on the sides of the bottom layer. On the top, there is a line of lace which has soft, small little pink roses sewn onto it, and at the edges of the lace on the first layer there are tiny little pom poms.

I am looking for $15 for the item alone, plus $5 shipping in the US. Price negotiable.


Tags: !ds, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand

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