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WTB: classic JSK, black purse, pink and ivory parasol


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1. Classic JSK

I am in need for plain classic JSK for my work and for upcoming autumn and winter season. I have too much sweet stuff even I like classic much more. xD So I would love to get more classic stuff.
For reference I am looking for something with classic feel of MM, VM, IW or Meta...

Bust: 91cm (37")
Waist: 70cm (28")
Main color: Burgundy, Navy, if prints/embroidery can by also: Black
Brands: I don't mind brand. Your item can be brand handmade, off brand or replica... I don't really care just give me good quality item
Prints: I rather get just plain JSK but you can show me your items with: floral, ornament, victorian... etc.

No full shirring! It makes my boobs look stupid! But back shirring is welcome. xD
No shorties! Rather longer JSK than short one... (I am 177cm)
No chiffon since I want it for cold seasons.

2. Black purse
Must be bigger than format A5.
Should match classic, victorian, aristocrat look.

3. Pink, ivory parasols
I would rather get them both off brand and waterproof
I would love get just plain just ruffled parasols in pink and ivory. I found some nice and cheap at nana_jun's journal but it seems that she is no longer active. -_-
Do you know where to get some?

Please, show me your items!
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