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!DT Milky-chan OP in pink

First of all, I apologize for the blurry cellphone proof pics. I took them with the camera but accidentaly dropped it and it seems permanently damaged now.

proof pic #1 (ap tag to show it's not the replica)
proof pic #2 (and it hanging on my dresser)

Feedback here.

I got it from a previous trade and the dress is in perfect condition - was bought new and the previous owner only used it for a indoors photoshoot. I didn't even try it on.

Please note that I have a couple of cats, but they are not allowed near my clothes and I will brush the dress before packaging.

I want to trade it for a AP printed JSK that includes the headbow and/or socks in any color but black and prefferably in pink. I don't have any specifical in mind, so show me what you got!

Also, I don't know much about prices and I'm not sure if that would be a fair trade, so I'm willing to add to the trade this replica of the milky-chan bag from taobao and, if you can wait around 3 days, the matching socks in pink by secret shop (they are in my house on another state and have been worn once).

Please note that I'm having problems with my paypal & bank account, so I'm not interested in selling any of them and cannot accept adding money to the trade.

Thanks for looking~
Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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