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Got a few things for sale. All prices include standard shipping within the US. At the moment, I will NOT be shipping outside the US. I just do not have enough experience doing it. Sorry overseas lolita friends ^^;

If you would like to bump your shipping up to priority, just ask and I will get quotes for you <3

 Metamorphose side headbow in sax blue

It's hard to tell in pictures, but there is a SMALL amount of make-up damage on the edge of the bottom of the headband. It's really hard to tell it's there, especially when wearing it, but I just wanted to let any potential owners know about it.

I JUST got this headband in the mail. It is darling, but totally not my style. I've seriously only had it like, 3 days. lol I've only put it on once. The make-up damage is from the previous owner, as I was not wearing make-up when I tried it on.
Also, you may be able to tell, if you look right beside my thumb in the last picture, you can see where some excess ribbon was cut off. You cannot see the cut ribbon unless you turn the headband on it's side and look under the stitching.
All the pearl accents are secure, and the lace and ribbons are all clean and not frayed. An adorable piece.


SOLD SOLD SOLD Size 26 Bodyline shoes in sax-ish blue  SOLD SOLD SOLD 

These are PRECIOUS shoes, but unfortunately, they are much too bif for me. I ordered a size 26, since it was suppose to be an American size 8 1/2-9... but it is not. It's more of a 9 1/2- 10.

There's a weird scuff/stain on the inside of the left shoe. It's not noticable when the shoes are being worn, but it is there. I haven't tried removing it.

I'm PRETTY sure one of my cats got ahold of this shoe. This damage is on the outside of the right shoe. Again, not terrible noticable when worn, but it is there.

Another view of the cat damage.  

With flash. The headband and shoes are two different colors, but COULD  match.


Offbrand earrings

Darling earrings from Claire's. The gingerbread ones have been worn once, but cleaned. The others have never been worn.

Cupcake set- $6 (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
Gingerbread- $5 (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
Cupcake dangles- $5 (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

I also am putting a feeler post on the Bodyline JSK I just recieved. It's adorable and fits perfect, but I'm not entirely sure it's my style. It's a medium. I have a 95cm bust, and 80cm waist, and that's about as big as this JSK will get. It's a snug, yet comfortable fit on my bust.

*blouse not included*

IF I decide to sell this, it would be going for $45 (SHIPPING INCLUDED). I'm just not entirely sure yet.

THAT'S IT! I will consider reasonable offers and trades. I am particularly looking for socks! lol Thanks for looking!

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