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DS: ALL SOLD - Thankyou~

  * First to pay asking price + leave paypal address gets piority.

    * Payments made via Paypal. No cc-paypal (credit card linked) payments accepted.
    * Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. Shipments made via Registered Post. Will not do ordinary airmail.
* No trades/partial trades.
    * Buyer needs feedback.
* Measurements are amatuer but I do my best.

       There's feedback on my
LJ and some more feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

AP: School Heart Emblem Cutsew

Recepit Scanned - Please check your inbox

Details | BackWith Extra Collar Bit Never UsedStock

America/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
80 USD Shipped 64 USD Shipped

Condition: It's been washed already, worn once or twice and not for long. Will be ironed again before shipping.

Bust: 80 cm - 88cm
Length - ~49 cm (Give or take 1cm +/-)

AP: Lady Rose Headpiece

America/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
55 USD Shipped 44 USD Shipped

Condition: No flaws, it's just how I got it still in it's orginal condition. This is the matching headpiece to the pink dress.

AP: Magical Etoile Bag Charm

Recepit Scanned - Please check your Inbox

Condition: No flaws, only taken out of the packaging I recieved it in for this photo. Here's a picture of the
* * *

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Offbrand New Wig Set:

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Feedback: egl feedback page or other (if its other I need some sign that it belongs to you)
Country I'm shipping to:

Countries I do not ship to because I'm too scared of lost parcels: Brazil/Italy/Canada/Isreal. I ship to the first three if express post is used but do keep in mind prices will range at 15-20 USD for express.

If there are any questions feel free to ask. But if your not serious about buying please don't comment/PM me. I may be in class so it will take me a while to respond.

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