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DS: Victorian Birdcage Embroidery skirts, Bustle Skirts & Double Side Headbows

  • Shipping is not included in the price (unless noted otherwise)
  • I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages once I give it to the post office. Tracking in the US is included in the shipping price.
  • Priority goes to the first person who can leave their paypal for invoicing. Just because you asked a question, does not mean you get priority. If you're really interested but need to ask a question first, just leave you Paypal address to reserve your spot. 
  • I have a full-time job that requires me to be away from home 4 days a week, it might take a week for me to ship your items out.
  • Please PM me if you need to contact me after the sale. I don't get LJ notifications on my email.
  • I have feed back here
  • I'll screen all replies w/ email addresses on it.

I am not accepting commissions at the moment.

Black Velveteen Victorian Birdcage Skirt


Handmade skirt. The birdcages where embroidered with high quality silver metallic thread. The waist has partial elastic at the back.

Waist: 28 - 34 inches comfortably
Length: 23 inches

Price: 95.00
Shipping: US, 6.00/ Int 12.00


White High waist Embroidery skirt


High wiast skirt, Fully Lined, side zipper with corset lacing at the back. Please note that the zipper I used here is light pink. I ran out of white zippers at the time.

Price: 95.00
Waist: 30 inches max (can go 3 - 4 inches smaller by corset lacing)
Length: Skirt length 21 inches, whole length (w/ bodice) 26 inches

Shipping: US 5.00 / Int 12.00

Black Bustle skirt

Black. High waist skirt w/ bustle back. fully lined. Corset lacing at the back w/ side zipper.

Underbust/ waist - 32 inches max (can go 6 inches smaller by corset lacing)
 Length:24 inches

Price: 70.00
shipping US 6.00 / Int 12.00

White Full Bustle skirt

Full Bustle skirt. (ruffle goes all the way around) Full elastic waistband. Fully lined.

waist: 26 - 40 inches comfortably
Length:23 inches

Price: 65.00
shipping US 6.00 / Int 15.00 (airmail) (It's kinda heavy)

Black Full Bustle skirt

Same as the white one.

Waist: 28 - 40 inches
Length: 23 inches

Price 65.00
shipping US 6.00 / Int 15.00 (airmail) (It's kinda heavy)

Black Side headbows - 2 available

Price: 18 each
Shipping US 3.00 / Int 6.00 (airmail)

White Headbow - 2 available

Price: 18.00 each
Shipping: US 3.00 / Int 6.00 (airmail)

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