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DS (Etsy) Handmade Skirts + Meta Jacket and Skirt


Click on the picture to go to the Etsy listing. All the price, size, and shipping info is available there.

Sold! This Metamorphose skirt and jacket are interesting pieces that I'm not quite sure how I acquired anymore. The skirt was a horrific lace-monster when I got it. There were seriously rows and rows of off-white raschel and pink satin ribbon going halfway up the freaking thing. It has all been painstakingly removed. The waist is half elastic with belt loops, and there's a snap, hook, and zipper closure. It has an attached lining which is great as the fabric is a bit sheer. The jacket is also fully lined. The gathered ruffle detailing at the neckline is the same as the skirt's hem. There's pleated ruffles at the bottom of the jacket as well as the cuffs. It closes in the front with 6 fabric-covered buttons, and has corset lacing at the back. I've left in the black satin ribbon that came with it. There are also three removable bows that came with the jacket. The skirt still has the tags on it, the jacket was worn for about 10 minutes as a coordinate for a skirt I made and sold and I cut the tags off for that.

Skirt waist: 24-25inches/61-64cm and length: 25inches/64 cm. Jacket fits up to about 35 inches/89cm at the bust. Please let me know if you need any further measurements.

This set is $120 including shipping to the US, $6 added for international shipping. I'll get tracking for domestic because it's only a few cents but tracking on international mail is expensive. If you really want it and are willing to pay for it, I will be happy to go down to the post office and find out how much it would cost and whether it is available to your country. Shipping can of course be combined with anything you buy from my Etsy shop or my sales post from last week. I prefer Paypal but if you really want/have to pay by check/money order I can deal with it. I'll sell to the person who can pay soonest. :)

I do still have a Meta Vintage Cherry dress and some $15 handmade skirts in a previous post from last week. :) And here's another link to my feedback so you don't have to scroll back to the top.
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