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DS:Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, Metamorphose

- Please make sure to read everything in full before leaving a comment!!!!
Make sure you fully know what you are buying before you commit to buy.
- Prices are firm. No haggling!
- $5 flat rate for shipping in the USA no matter how many items you purchase!

ask about international shipping. It will probably be between $20 - $40 though.
- Paypal Only!
- Item goes to first person to show interest that can pay within 24 hours.
- I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone with negative or no feedback.
no feedback is usually not a problem for me as long as you follow through with paying.
- My feedback page is here - http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/530096.html
-I have a cat. I'll lint roll & try to make sure there are no hairs right before shipping, but you know how cat hairs can be!

Item 1. Baby The Stars Shine Bright White Blouse $75.00 $70.00

I recently bought this blouse, but it does not look right on me so I decided to sell it.
I only tried it on one time and I am selling it for exactly what I paid for it.
This is a beautiful blouse, and can fit a wide variety of sizes.
There are ties on it so you make it fit much smaller.
I have a 40 inch bust and it fits comfortably without any gaping or looking too stretched.
Length is 20 inches.
Width armpit to armpit is 17 inches unstretched.
Condition is pretty good. The seller told me there was some light yellow spots/discoloration around under the collar, but I didn't really notice them, it has a slightly used feel to it as well. The seller also washed it before selling it, so it is clean and smells nice!

Item 2. Angelic Pretty Pink Cutsew $70.00 $65.00
Extremely gorgeous cutsew with a high neck, and lots of adorable ribbons and lace!
It still has tags, and I have only tried it on once.
The neck zips up on the back.
It's been in storage for a few years so it doesn't look as new and shiny as it
would be brand new.

Measurements are;
Max bust is 35 inches.
Max waist is 30 inches.
Length 20 inches.

Back of neck showing the zipper
Close up of tags

Item 3. Angelic Pretty White Skirt $60.00 $50.00
This is an extremely gorgeous older Angelic Pretty skirt.
All the ruffles and lace are just so pretty!
It has detachable wait ties too. (they need to be pressed but I find pressing garments before shipping to be a bit pointless since things tend to wrinkle up during shipping)

There are a lot of minor flaws to this skirt which is why it's being sold for so low a price.
Mainly the fact that it is white and an older skirt means there are some slight discolorations.
The waist band is somehow pretty discoloured, but that shouldn't be too noticeable if your shirt covers it a bit.
There is a tiny light grayish spot where some pencil lead got on it, but it wont show up in a picture because it's too light, and really not very noticeable when you look at the whole skirt.

Length is 21 inches.
Waist is 23-26 inches. (partial elastic band, but very little elastic)
It has a built in pannier that is very sturdy and gives a pretty good amount of poof.

Back of skirt
Built in pannier

Item 4 Metamorphose Cherry Print Skirt $60.00
This is my beloved cherry print skirt from long ago!
I love this skirt so much and I really hate to sell it but medical bills must be paid so I thought I should go ahead and try to sell it.
This was a much older print of Metamorphose, and my favorite cherry print to date.
I've had it a very long time and have worn it quite a lot.
The fabric is a heavy material and so it holds up well.
The colour of the skirt is an off white/cream colour, and the lace is white.
So you can wear a variety of coloured blouses with it and it will still look good!
There are 2 very small light brown stains on it, 1 on the front, and 1 on the back.
I tried to get one out and that was a mistake. NEVER GET THIS SKIRT WET!!!
They mean it when they say dry clean only. The area that became wet caused a brown ring around where it was wet to form. However, I looked up how to fix that and I was able to get the brown ring completely off, however the original stain still remained.
I will show a picture of each stain with a quarter by it for size reference.
They are not really noticeable when you wear it I think.

The waist is about half elastic with a wide waist tie so you can fully cover the elastic with it.
It's very soft, comfy, stretchy elastic so it will fit a lot of sizes comfortably!
Min waist is probably 25 inches.
Max waist fist 32 inches comfortably, if not more! It easily stretches over large hips as well!
It has a built in pannier that gives a light amount of poof.

stain on the front near the bottom
stain on back near the top

Thank you for looking! If you're serious about buying, please feel free to ask questions!
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