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DS/DT- Closet cleaning! (Prices Reduced)

- All prices are in UK pounds, I accept paypal only.
- I ship from Manchester, UK
- I do holds
- Priority goes to first person to leave their paypal
- I own cats and rabbits
- Prices INCLUDE UK SHIPPING, please ask for international.
- Feeback- community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/561969.html

Onto the sales!

Offbrand 'K-star' black and white lolita dress- £25 £20

I orginally got this dress in a trade with another girl, unfortunately her dress got lost in the post and I am selling this dress to be able to give her a full refund. Never worn by me, worn by previous owner.
Waist- 30 Inch
Length- 32 Inch

There is a small stain on the sleeve and makeup stains around the collar, please ask if you need anymore photos.

Offbrand Red Replica dress- £25 £20

I have owned this dress for years now, it was my second lolita dress. It is a lovely red colour, and is a replica of a dress who's name escapes me right now. I have worn the dress twice and there are no visible flaws.

Waist-28 Inch-30 Inch
Bust- 34 Inch-36 Inch
Length- 40 Inch

Bodyline dress with choker- £15 £12

This dress is from Bodyline and has never been worn. I bought it on a whim and now my taste in lolita is changing to more classic/sweet items. It's not the best quality, but it would be a nice dress for a starter lolita.

Waist- 30 Inch
Bust- 34 Inch
Length- 31 Inch

Please feel free to haggle! In terms of trades, please show me anything you've got! I'm not too interested in socks however.
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