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Angelic Pretty, Baby, Emikyu and more


selling terms:
*Shipping is from Germany
*Item goes to the person who first states that she will buy the item
*I accept Paypal (non creditcard paypal only, please) and bank transfer from EU-buyers
*Please note, that Overseas Shipping is very expensive
*I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items if you choose uninsured shipping
*Shipping fee is not included in the price



Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Desert OP -  99 Euro

bust: ca 45cm
waist: ca 84cm
length: ca 86cm


Angelic Pretty lilac OP - 75 Euro

bust: ~85 cm
waist:: ~70 cm


Angelic Pretty - Pastel a la mode OP - 230 Euro

I bought this dress without the petticoat, I didn't know that it was missing though. The person I bought this dress from has cut it off, but you won't notice the damage. It is beautiful without the intigrated petticoat too. Also the dress has some stains on the inner of the colar, but you won't see it when worn. I wore this dress only once for photos.
bust: ~86cm
waist: free


Innocent World Rose jsk (long version) - 99 Euro

Bought second hand, but in good condition and no marks or spots.

max. 86cm
waist: max. 67cm
lengh: ~100cm


Jane Marple pink polkadot jsk - 64 Euro
bust: ~85cm
waist: ~67cm
lengh: ~100cm


Emily Temple Cute - Flower Garden JSK - 64 Euro

size: body width: ~42cm
waist: ~74cm
lengh: ~80cm without straps


Innocent World Hat -
24 Euro

17cm diameter


Emily Temple Cute - Flower Shop JSK - 65 Euro

size - body width: ~39cm
waist: ~66cm
lengh: ~83cm


Angelic Pretty OP - 120 Euro

I bought this dress with stains under the armpits without knowing for a high price, pics of the stains:
Never tried to get them out, though. I and my friend both wore this dress just for photos.
It has shirring in the back.


Emily Temple Cute Flowershop Skirt - 35 Euro

SIZE: waist: 64cm - ca 74cm
lengh: 59cm


Emily Temple Cute - Sunflower Skirt - 35 Euro

waist: ~64cm - 74cm


Victorian Maiden skirt - 50 Euro

waist: ~max. 67cm
lengh: ~58cm


Victorian Maiden blouse - 28 Euro

size: bust: ~max. 86cm
waist: ~max. 70cm


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright coat - 140 Euro

shoulder width:39cm
body width:48cm
sleeve length:61cm
collar width:10cm

Jane Marple white Blouse - 35 Euro

bought at closet child, worn once

SIZE: bust: ca 86cm


Emily Temple Cute Cutsew (grey with white lace and black ribbons) - 25 Euro

bought at closet child, worn once

SIZE: bust: ca 86cm max


Emily Temple Cute black Shoes - 30 Euro

bought at closet child, worn two times

SIZE: 24,5 / 25 cm


Angelic Pretty Cosmetic Print JSK - 120 Euro

The dress has very light spots on it, pictures here:


H&M dress - 15 Euro

Brand new, never worn. I bought it too small, not I own the same dress in a bigger size.
Size is XS.
I would say, bust should be not more than around 82 cm.


Thank you for looking!
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