Magu wants a Hagu (goosuke) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Magu wants a Hagu

DS: AP blouse and bow, IW top and headdress, AatP socks, Montreal RHs and many more things!

Hello! I am cleaning out my closet, preferable I'd like to finish the transactions before Saturday Aug 28th, since I'm moving to Holland afterwards and I'd like to spare my mum the hassle of sending my stuff =)

- Feedback on EGLFB and on my LJ
- I live in a nonsmoking household without pets
- Shipping is not included and will be from Germany
- I am not responsible for the loss of uninsured packages
- No Lolita trades please, but please feel free to negotiate! =)

Blouses and Tops

Angelic Pretty blouse in Kinari - I bought this Antique white coloured blouse from Fairy Angel but have never worn it since it was too big (34 inch bust). It features dark cherry coloured ties and a (detachable) bow, as well as detachable sleeves. One sleeve button seems to be missing, but if you replace it it's not noticeable since it's completely covered. Asking €60 OBO

Fanplusfriend blouse in White - I had this custom made from F+F (XS/32 inch bust) and worn it once to a photoshoot. A white ruffle bow tie is included. Asking €30 sold to relphias

Innocent world knit top in Cream - fits like XS, only worn twice by me, asking €30 sold to hydeist_yuki


Heart E corduroy skirt - features cute heart lace-framed pockets and a tulle layer for some volume. The waist button has been altered to fit a 25-26 inch waist. Worn a few times by me, but in very good condition. Asking €25
sold to tjarasasse

Head Accessories

Angelic Pretty side bow - I bought this one used, but have never worn it myself. The bow has a deep cherry-red colour (which matches the AP blouse above) and in good condition. Asking €20

Innocent World headdress in Cream - wonderful elegant headdress in very good condition, I'm sad to let this one go but never got to wear it myself. Asking €20

H&M grosgrain ribbon clips in dusty pink. New, 3€


Montreal rocking horse shoes in Offwhite (Size 24 / Eur 38) - worn a few times by me, but in very good condition. I am including a pair of ivory coloured ribbon ties which match the colour better (in my opinion) than the original white ties, which of course are included as well. Asking 25€

Rose Chocolat shoe clips in White - used once by me but in very good condition. Here's an example of how they look clipped onto pumps: Before | After. Asking €18


Alice and the Pirates socks in Navy x White - new, since I never got to put together my Sailor Loli outfit. Asking €15 sold to dearquenne

Metamorphose schoolgirl style socks in Navy x Silver - new with tags. Asking €12 sold to hydeist_yuki


In The Starlight wrist cuffs - has an elastic band, very good condition. Asking €9

selfmade cameo brooch - €5 sold to hinotori

Emmily Temple Cute skirt with strawberry+ribbons print. I'm not quite sure if I should keep this skirt, as it's been my favourite piece and I can maybe picture it in casual non-Lolita wear as well. If someone's really interested though I might let it go. I have a matching little tote bag from Shirley Temple with the same fabric as well.

Please name a price or convince me to sell/keep it? XD

Have a nice day! :D
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, in the starlight, innocent world, metamorphose, montreal, rose chocolat

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