baseball_idiot (baseball_idiot) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB! Toy Parade JSK or Skirt, Milky Planet OP or skirt, and other prints


Hey guuuys, I'm posting a WTB in hopes of getting one of these pieces

Toy Parade JSK or Skirt in any color

Because it is a rare piece, I'm willing to take it in pretty much any condition (not like super stained or ripped lol) but if it needs something like a new zipper or has been altered to fit larger sizes (which I plan to do) it's completely fine.
I have 315.00 in paypal now, and I can put in a little more tomorrow, or if it's more I can put down the 315 and then pay the rest in two weeks

I'm also looking for Milky Planet in the OP or JSK or Skirt in ANY color, any condition
as well as these prints:
Rose Toilette OP in Mint, Red, or Black
Dreamy Dollhouse JSK (shirred back) in Mint only
Magical Etoile bib front JSK in any color, Red preferred
Melty Chocolate mini-sleeve jsk with half shirred back, ANY color
Wonder Party mini-sleeve JSK with half shirred back in ANY color

I'm hoping to keep it around 400 at the most :X hoping lol

thanks for helping guys!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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