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EA: Handmade Mini Top Hat and Hair Bow Clips

Feedback page: HERE

Hellow everyone, I have two items currently up for sale, both items will be ending this weekend so please take a look if you are interested.

Lolita Mini Top Hat

For Auction HERE

This top hat is hand made from cotton twill and has satin ribbons and cotton trim for decoration. The gold rose is a pendant from an antique earing set. The diameter of the base is 14cm, diameter of the top is 8cm and the height of the hat is 6cm.

More detail pics:

Lolita Polkadot Hair Clip Ribbons

For Auction HERE

This is a pair of hair bows made out of satin ribbon that are attached to snap clips. You get both clips when you purchase. The dimension of each bow is 15cm by 6cm.

More detail pics:

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