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ds: meta and secret shop

- All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free household.
- Shipping is NOT included.
- No trades please, I'm trying to get rid of all my lolita clothing!
- Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
- Feedback can be found here:

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Secret Shop Charming Ribbon Shoes - They've been worn a few times so they have a couple of small scuffs, but overall are very clean and in excellent condition. Any damage is honestly not visible when worn unless you bend down and look for it. The top two bows are even detachable so that you can change up their look (see here). I bought them for $60 and wore them only 9 times so the price is not half bad imo.
Pictures of scuffs/crushing:  scuff on left toe, minor crushing on back, scratches on left heel, minor wear on inside
Size: roughly 5.5 American
Price: $40

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Metamorphose Candy House Skirt - This adorable pink skirt has an elastic waist so it can fit a variety of sizes. Close up of the print, which includes gingerbread houses and scenes of Hansel and Gretel, here.
Price: $60 $50

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Metamorphose Polka Dot Bow - Never worn.
Price: $15 $10

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Metamorphose Card Suit Socks - Worn twice but washed. I have small feet and calves so absolutely no stretching.
Price: $20  $15 


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