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DS: REDUCED+New ! Angelic Pretty, h.Naoto, Juliette&Justine, Qutie Frash, BTSSB, Bodyline, offbrand

  Hello, I have the following items up for sale! 

- Shipping from Greece, with Registered Airmail [you'll have to sign to get your package]
- Please allow 3 days for shipping and 1-2 weeks for delivery, depending on your location.
- Accepting PAYPAL only.
- Only serious buyers please.
- Item goes to the person who can pay first, unless you ensure me that you can pay if I hold the item for you.

I'm moving in a few days so I want everything gone.

I'm open to reasonable offers.

Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/380201.html


1)  Angelic Pretty Black Cutsew with detachable pearl chain - LIKE NEW - Bought from the comm. Never worn by neither me or the previous owner. It's painful to let this one go, but it's a little too short for me. Ribbon area at the back is sheer.  The neck ties have a cute, white pearl on their tip. Wonderfully detailed piece! SOLD THANK YOU!

Bust: ~34'' 
Waist: ~33'' approx [It can take a few inches more, but it will  look shorter]
Sleeve length : 22,5''
Length: 18''

Asking Price: 105$ shipped   84$ shipped

2) Angelic Pretty Black Blouse - VERY GOOD Condition.
Bought from the comm this year, but it turned out to be too small for me.
Cotton, non-stretchy, chiffon (?) details. Neck ties have a white pear on their tip. Slight piling on the back of the detachable ribbon and some wearing on the buttons, but other than that, the blouse has no flaws.

Bow, sleeves and waist ties are removable

Length: 20''
Bust: 34''
Waist: 32''
Sleeves: 24''

78$ Shipped 63$ shipped

3) Angelic Pretty Black cutsew - GOOD Condition.
Bought from the comm, but never wore it. Bears signs of wearing but it's in a good condition and very comfortable and stretchy.
Pearls are detachable.

Length : 17''
Sleeve: 23''
Bust: 31''-39'' approx. [stretchy]
Waist: 31-39'' approx.

73$ shipped 59$ shipped

4) Juliette et Justine Gold x antique green necklace - BRAND NEW - This necklace was not sold on the website! Very elegant and classy. The little heart in the closing has the brand name carved on.

Asking price: 69$ shipped

5) Momo's Handicrafts Coat - LIKE NEW

Bought from Momo's 2 years ago, but I only wore it once for 2 hours. It's a little too short for me. I asked for white cotton instead of white lace. Also buttons differ from stock photo.

Material is very soft and smooth, thick cotton, nicely sewn and perfect for autumn and spring!

My photos:

Waist: up to 34''
Bust: up to 39''
Shoulder width: 16'' approx
Length: 35''
Sleeve length: 25,5''

59$ shipped
47$ shipped

5) Offbrand Black x White halter dress - BRAND NEW
I bought this from ebay a couple of years ago, but I never wore it. It really compliments the figure, since the upper part has shirring and fits like a glove to the body, while the lower part is very poofy and cute.
Made from soft lace and tulle. The tulle is very sturdy, but the inside of the dress is very soft, so it won't scratch your legs and tights.

Ties around the neck with satin lace and also ties at the back with black lace waist ties.

Bust detail:

Bust: up to 36'' approx
Waist: up to 34'' approx
Length: [from bust to longest part of the skirt] 27''

Asking Price:
51$ shipped 
41$ shipped

6) Bodyline Striped Jacket [purple] - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS
Only tried on once, but it's way too small for me. Website measurements are wrong.

Size: M
Bust: ~34'' approx
Waist: ~30 approx

39$ shipped  31$ shipped

7) Baby the starts shine bright vest - VERY GOOD condition.
Bought from the internet, never used by me. This vest is beyond beautiful, but it sadly is too small for me T_T   

Length: 18 ''
Bust: ~34'' approx.
Waist: ~31'' approx.

Asking price: 68$ shipped

Qutie Frash Top - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS - Bought from KERA shop at Marui One in 2009 but never managed to coordinate it.
The shirt is made from soft cotton mix and has lots of elasticity, so basically it's free size. The dragon patterns are printed in the most gorgeous silver glitter ever. Matte, leather like details and matte pyramid studs.

Sleeve length: 23,5''
Length: 22''

Asking prince: 98$ shipped

9) GLP arm warmers - BRAND NEW - Bought from ebay, never used. Gorgeous flare arm warmers in BLACK.

Asking price: 25$ shipped

10) Phaze Black x White Velvet bolero - LIKE NEW -
Worn just once. Made from very soft velvet and soft lace.

Asking price: 31$ shipped

11) Various socks - BRAND NEW - Never worn or tried on . bought from various Harajuku shops during 2008-2009, minus one pair which I bought from Tokyo Disneyland.

a) Alice in Wonderland Cards knee cotton socks - Bought from Alice shop @ Tokyo Disneyland 2008: 35$ shipped
b) Cross over-knee cotton socks: 25$ shipped
c) Purple over-knee cotton socks: 25$ shipped
d) Black over-knee polyester-cotton socks: 25$ shipped

e) Burgundy knee fingerless cotton socks: 25$ shipped
f) Pink knee cotton socks: 25$ shipped
g) Black over-knee polyester-cotton socks: 25$ shipped
h) Black x white stripey cotton socks: 25$ shipped

12) Baby the start shine bright shoe clips - GREAT condition - Bought from the internet, never worn or tried on by me.
Colour: baby pink

Asking price: 25$ shipped

13) BRAND NEW - Gothic Doll headdress. Bought from the comm, never worn or tried-on.

Asking price : 
29$ shipped 

14) BRAND NEW - Chocomint side bow in Black x Pink


Asking price:
25$ shipped
  20$ shipped

15) Accessorize Silver Bag - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS
The little hearts on the bag are glittery !

7,5'' x 5,5''
Strap: 19''

23$   19$ shipped

16) Yukiumi nails - BRAND NEW
Bought them a long while ago, but never used them. They come in a super cute, silver box.

Price: 40$ shipped   32$ shipped

17) h.Naoto Choker [Hangry & Angry] - BRAND NEW with defects
Bought this from Japan 2 years ago. The choker is made from patent leather that's flaked a bit in 3 spots due to storage. [2 front and 1 at the button. ]

Price: 41$ shipped  33$ shipped


Thanks for looking!

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