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DS: dream of lolita replica JSK, anna house L sized blouse, dangerous nude blouse, handmade skirt


NWOT: Dream of Lolita AP Pastel Fairy Replica in PinkxGreen - SOLD
Bust; 33-36"
Waist; 29-34"
Length; 35"
The pink in the second picture is more true to color. I'm unsure as to why the first one washed out so much. The back is shirred and there is corset lacing in the bust.


Anna House L Sized White Blouse - SOLD
Bust; 36-38"
Waist; 30-32"
Damaged, small back dot on one sleeve (pictured above). Never worn, just tried on.

Dangerous Nude (Japanese brand) Princess Blouse - $18 shipped in the US

Bust; 36"
Waist: 30-32"

Never worn, just tried on. Tag was sewn on the outside of the blouse, near the collar on the back.


Handmade (not by me) sax skirt with star print and white lace - PENDING

Waist; 32-34"
Length; 22"
Bought damaged, thinking my mother could fix it for me, when it turns out she couldn't. :/ boo. Needs a new zipper.


* I am in the US and sell to US buyers only.
* I am open to trades if can ship quickly (I need all items in my hands by the 24th).
* I only accept PayPal.
* I combine shipping and ship the next day.
* Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/644311.html (51 positive, 0 negative/neutral)
* First to leave a paypal gets the item.
Tags: !ds, !dt, anna house, handmade, offbrand

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