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DS: Mostly brand-new clothes by various brands

I'm selling a bunch of mostly brand-new clothes by famous japanese brands, aswell as offbrand items which were bought in Japan.
If you're interested in something and/or do have some questions feel free to either comment on this post or to contact me via e-mail. (:

My EGL feedback page is located here: riryka_sales
You could also check my feedback on ebay here: riryka
---------- Please read all rules before you place an order ----------

* I take € only.
* I only accept PayPal if you live outside of Germany. 
Customers who live within Germany can also pay via bank transfer.
* All payment using PayPal must pay PayPal fees.

* All items will be shipped from Germany. 
* Shipping prices vary for items and location.
Please leave your countries name and postal code so I can calculate the shipping. 
* I'm NOT responsible for your item anymore once it is shipped out.

If you disagree with the rules don't place an order.
Serious buyers only, please!


#01:  Vest by Peace Now
(it's a sold out item!)

PN Vest 01 PN Vest 02 PN Vest 03

brand: Peace Now
condition: new with tags
size: M
price: 110€


#02:  Shirt by SexPot Revenge
(it's a sold out item!)

SPR Shirt 01 SPR Shirt 02 SPR Shirt 03

brand: SexPot Revenge
condition: new with tags
size: M
price: 65€


#03:  Coat by SexPot Revenge
(it's a sold out item!)

SPR coat SPR coat 2
SPR coat 3 SPR coat 4

brand: SexPot Revenge
condition: new with tags
size: S
price: 115€



#04:  Hangry & Angry T-Shirt with cat-ears and tail by MarJour

HangryAngry Shirt 01 HangryAngry Shirt 02 HangryAngry Shirt 03

brand: MarJour
condition: new with tags
size: S/M
price: 35€

#05: Pants by Hell Cat Punks
HCP Pants 01 HCP Pants 02 HCP Pants 03

brand: Hell Cat Punks
condition: new with tags
size: S
price: 90€

#06  Skirt and leggings by K*Star Punk 
KS Skirt 01 KS Skirt 02 KS skirt 03

brand: K*Star Punk
condition: new with tags
size: M
price: 45€

#07: Striped pullover
NB pullover

brand: it's note made by a brand,
but it was purchased in Japan
condition: new w/o tags
size: M 
price: 25€

#08  Cap by Punk Rave
Punk Rave cap

brand: Punk Rave 
condition: new w/o tags 
price: 25€


#09  Belt by Hell Cat Punks
HCP belt 1 HCP belt 2

brand: Hell Cat Punks 
condition: worn twice, but in good condition
size: M
price: 20€


#10:  Small make-up bag by SexPot Revenge
(rare! This item was not for sale.)

SPR bag

brand: SexPot Revenge
condition: new w/o tags
price: 15€


#11:  Set of two magnetic jointer and one postcard by Peace Now/Black Peace Now
(rare! This items were not for sale.)

PN magnets

brand: Peace Now & Black Peace Now
condition: new in original packing
price: 9€


Note:  If someone here has items by designer-duo Sixh. and would like to sell them.
Please take a look at my
WTB post.  Thanks! (:


Tags: !ds, black peace now, offbrand, sex pot revenge

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