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Moving/Closet Cleaning Sale All Has To Go!

Terms & Conditions
-I’m shipping from Canada (so please keep that in mind when asking for shipping quotes.)
-All prices are in USD
-I only accept PayPal, buyer pays the fees sense I now have a premier account. & For local Canadian's I will accept money orders.
-If you are not interested after questioning please Let Me Know.
-I reserve the right not to sell to users with negative feedback or neutral.
-Shipping is not included in the prices unless otherwise stated. & once the package leaves my hands I can not control if it is lost or damaged in the mail. I always mark full price on all packages I also mark them as "gifts"
-I don't mind holding as long as you are placing a non-refundable deposit on the item this counts for any type of hold what so ever (too many drop outs already).
-If there are more then one person interested in an item I will take the highest offer.
-I have a cat. He dose not go in my closet but in case you have allergies you may want to be advised.
-I have
57 Positive +
0 Neutral ~
0 Negative -
on the EGL Data Base for selling, buying, & trading.

If your interested in trading here is my wish list,
& My Size, 40inch bust 30inch waist. 24 Shoes size

Chandelier Necklace
A very beautiful necklace made of a black silver with five clear crystals. Bought through the community from a user who was selling them, I never got the chance to use it because it did not rally match the skirt I wanted to pair it with.
Pendant Width: 2.5Inches
Pendant height: 2inches
Chain Length: 8.5-10Inches (adjustable)


Heavy Red Steal Boned Over Bust Silk Corset
A very beautiful heavy duty zip up corset it has 12 steel boned panels which help the corset keep it's shape once it is taken off the body & a modesty panel in the back that can be flipped if you care to show a little skin. I bought this about a year ago from the sales but I have lost too much weight & it no longer fits right so I'm hoping to sell this corset & get a brand new one that will.It's in very good condition only worn 3 times by me & hand washed.
Size, XXL 39Inch Bust min
33inchWaist min
42Inch Hips
Length 15.25Inches



Modesty Panel

MM Replica Blouse By F+F
A very elegant blouse with beautiful lace. It is brand new with tags, bought it a year ago only tried it on & didn't really love it on me. Has a sheering panel in the back at the waist to give a very elegant hour glass figure. The arms are also sheered at the bicep & wrist to help puff the sleeves, the bow at the neck line is detachable.
Size: 38"bust, 33"waist MAX 21"length+lace


Baby Short Sleeved Blouse
This blouse has some very wonderful details the cotton lace around the neck & down the front have crowns & roses in it. The sleeves can be tied to fit larger biceps. There are neck ties that are not detachable, & a ribbon going over the bust line that can be tied into a bow for added effect. The buttons are cute little daisy's. All in all this blouse is very versatile in size accommodations & is a very beautiful staple to own I'm very sad to see it go but I believe it is just too sweet for me. 
Size: 38"bust  30"waist MAX  20.1"length+lace


Cruxcommissa Chandelier Print Skirt
Bought about a year ago never had the chance to wear it found the print was actually too sweet for me to really pull off. Made from Cotton Sateen (which is to die for imo)  lined with cotton broadcloth. It has a half elastic waist, metallic silver chandelier print with ribbon and a lace 'chain' & soft, glittering silver tulle around the hem & edge of the waist ties. At the hem of the skirt there is a separation in the tulle Not a rip so it is still in perfect condition & will come with the bow pin. Also as we remember the huge issues with crux & how quickly the skirts were made so the waist bad dose not look finished on the inside but perfectly fine on the outside.
Size: 30"- 42"Waist  22"Length+ruffle&tulle Hips 42" Max

Waist Tie
Bow Pin

Sexy Dynamite London Pinstriped  skirt 
Bought off the comm about two years ago never really had the chance to wear it since it sat funny on my hips. The skirt has two snap closures but can fit a larger size if only one snap is done up though it may drape strangely as well. Very cute skirt for punk or pirate outfits with pinstriped design, frayed edges & snap buttons around the sides of the waist band.
Price: $39.00usd


Innocent World High Wist Pleated Skirt
A very beautiful skirt by IW it's a classic staple for any Classical or Gothic Lolita's wardrobe. There are pleats through out the skirt with small rose lace at the bottom with a corset lace backing & a side zipper. This skirt is pure black & a matte material the flash is just doing strange things to it since the lighting was not the best for the pictures. I bought this off the Comm told it would fit but it does not so it needs a good home to go to.
Size: Waist 29"max Length 22.5" with lace
Price: $100usd


Bodyline Plaid High Waist Skirt   AS IS!
This was purchased off the Comm some time ago with quite a few flaws. The seller received it this was from BL. All issues are on the inside of the skirt, which I stitched up as best I could for wearing purpuses ONLY not to look pretty & I am in no way a professional seamstress. This skirt will be sold AS IS!
Size: 30"waist max 23"min Length 25.3"

Price: SOLD!

Handmade High Waist Skirt
Bought from the Comm again but the seller forgot to go over it before selling it & I ended up with a skirt that could really use some TLC. It could use the zipper being stitched back in correctly I did the best I could for the time being. The waist could use some interfacing to re-enforce it so it does not scrunch up when being worn & the ruffles could used maybe an extra line of stitching to stand up once again. Great for beginner Lolita's, a sewing project or an offbrand skirt you don't have to worry too much about.
Size: 27" min 36" max Waist Length 23"

Price: SOLD

Black Velvet Flocky Print Taffeta High Waist Skirt + Two Rose Combs & Bow Pins
A very gorgeous skirt hand made by Talia_Speaks. Bought in one of her fabric/discounted sales so it's not perfect it does have a small bit of melted taffeta on the inside of the hem which can not be seen worn & does not bother you well wearing it since it' has a high waist & a shirt should be inbetween you & the melted fabric.It has a side zipper for easy removal & corset lacing back to give a flattering silhouette & is fully lined. This skirt comes with two detachable bows with cross charms & two headdresses to match the skirt one rolled fabric rose with matching charm & one fake flower with matching charm both are on combs so they can be placed in you hair sacurely. I have only worn this skirt oncesince the skirt it's self is to big for me & I have to pull the corset lcings all the way for it to fit nicely. But it's still in perfect condition minus the small melted bit on the inside hem as mentioned.
Waist: : 31inches min 42inches max
Length: 27inches + lace

Bows Bow back
Headresses Headresses backs
Corset Laceings

American Eagle Brown Ribbon Shoes

A very cute paid of off brand shoes, these are great if you have any issues walking in heels. I have only worn these shoes twice once for a short period of time & once for quiet a while & they were very comfortable both times I wore them. There is some creasing in the shoes that come natural to flat shoes but nothing to consider as damage just used.
Size: "7 Cad"   24' Length.
Price: $10.00USD

With flash

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Brown Mirufiyushuzu Millefeuille Shoes
A very cute & mature pair of shoes by BTSSB. A single snap/buckle strap with a cream ruffle & very cute bow are a great combo in this shoes they also have a wooden wedge heel. These have never been worn by me & I'm the first owner, I bought these threw a shopping service a little while after they were released. I knew I had to have a pair. But I'm much to afraid to ruin them so I never worn them or really had the chance.They are no longer for sale on Baby's website. Also there are two small cuts out of the leather on the edge of one of the straps they came to me like this & are very unnoticeable.
Size: M 23.5'
Heel Height: 7cms
Price: $160.00USD

Strap Edge

Demonia Bat Wing Wallet

 Bought brand new tags are still attached. I never had the chance to use it. It's a large wallet great for punk or Gothic Lolita or just to have an extra dark flare in your everyday wear.
Price: SOLD!
Coin Pouch
Card/bill fold

All Mooks have their patterns attached or included & have only been thumbed through a few times & have only very slight wear on corners. I will give discounts if you purchase multiple Mooks. Remember shipping is expensive since they are very heavy.
Price: $14.00usd each. 11 is  $9.00usd for a cut out on page

11 Damage

If you are in the US please let me know your State so I can calculate shipping.
For Canada I need your postal code.
International Your country.

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask. & if you feel prices are too high make me offer I will not be offended if it's within reason.

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