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DS: ALL SOLD - Thankyou~

  * First to pay asking price + leave paypal address gets piority.
    * Payments made via Paypal. No cc-paypal (credit card linked) payments accepted.
    * Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it.
* No trades/partial trades.
    * Buyer needs feedback.
* Measurements are amatuer but I do my best.

There's feedback on my
LJ and some more feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

AP: Authentic Tea Party Shoes (Black)


Flaw 1 || Flaw 2 + 3 || Soles of Shoes

Condition: There is a scratch on these at the front, overall it does a have slight used impression (there are wrinkles I guess on the bows..an example is in the picture) I guess but that's how they were when I got them. There's a relatively big scratch on the sole but it doesn't affect the wearing and it's big relative to the other scratch. I've actually washed these already - even cleaned the bottom of the soles of the shoes. It will be shipped in the box that AP put their shoes in - it's the plain white one it's resting on.

Size: Medium (23.5cm)

AP: Authentic Tea Party Shoes (Pink)


Soles of Shoes

Condition: Like brand new. You can see they havn't had any or much wear from the soles of the shoes havn't been worn out. Shipped in the same box AP puts their shoes in - the plain white one that it's resting on. It has the size M and the model number on the box.

Size: Medium (23.5cm)

Offbrand: Black-brown Wig Set

45 USD Shipped (USA/Oceanic Region)

Wig taken out ONLY for this

Condition: All of it's brand new - never been worn. Even the hair net is still on the wig. Wig doesn't have any "unnatural shine" when it's photograph. The colour your looking at is a dark brown with probably a bit of black. This set contains everything you see pictured in the above. Fibers are soft.

Previous Sales Posts



* * *

If there are any questions feel free to ask. But if your not serious about buying please don't comment/PM me.

There are countries I do not ship to due to my worry of losing a parcel. I will ship to Italy, Canada, Brazil if your willing to pay for express (Depends on the item might be 15-20 US.). I don't ship to Isreal. I apologise for any inconvience it would cause but I just would worry too much about the parcel - I hope you understand. I am sorry though.

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