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DS: AatP Midsummer Night Dream, Baby JSK, AatP Millefeuille shoes, AP Fantasic Dolly socks and more!

Hi, here a few things I have for sale ! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help you ^^

- Payments are to be made by paypal (+4% fees), bank transfer or checks for french people
- Shipping fees are not included in the price. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices ^^
- No trades please, I accept holds with a 15% deposit, non refundable and no more than two weeks
- First person to leave her paypal address gets the item, but leaving the paypal address means you're actually willing to buy the item. If you have questions, ask them first !
- I don't smoke but have a cat which doesn't come near my clothes. I'll remove the cat hair anyway in case there are some on the clothes, it happens sometimes.
- I'll try to reply to your questions as fast as possible but live in a different timezone (France) so I'll do my best, please be patient ^^
- I have many positive feedbacks
here !

JSK Alice & the Pirates "Midsummer Night Dream" in black

Closeup of print]
I sell the first version JSK of this print in black with the ribbon under the bust. It is brand new, I received it from Baby Paris where I reserved it but then I fell in love with St Mephisto Cathedrale. It is a very light dress, very comfortable and has a gorgeous shape once worn. They say on Baby's site it can go up to 90cm bust but I'm 92cm and I can fit in comfortably. I'd say no more than 93cm bust then and 72cm waist but it's quite comfy here too with the empire shape. I sell it the exact price I bought it for : 256€/330USD

JSK Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Strawberry and Cherry" in white

[Proof picture] [Picture worn]
It's the "ruffle" version of both JSK that were released. The print is quite old but I sell the JSK reedition Baby made this summer. Bought it new, I worn only once. Goes up to 100cm bust with the back corseted shirring and 80cm waist. 145€/187USD

Shoes Alice & the Pirates "Millefeuille" in light gray

Picture worn] [Pictures on Baby's site] [Details of embroided stars]
Size M (23,5cm/37) I'm the first owner of these shoes. They have absolutely no flaw, no dirt nor rip. They have golden stars embroided on the heels and are  the lightest shade of grey, not off-white nor cream. I've worn then with cream, white and off-white though and the difference isn't shocking at all. I'd say in real they are more a "pearly white" color than totally grey. 80€/103USD

OTK socks Angelic Pretty "Fantasic Dolly in black

Brand new with tag, I bought them with my Fantasic Dolly OP but they don't match the dress at all. The white shapes on the socks are glittering ! 28€/36USD

Hyper Core "Leopard" skirt in pink and blue

Proof picture]
Bought at Kera Shop, this skirt is just made of awesomeness. I never wore it, so it's brand new without tag. Imagine yourself wearing it with engineer boots and a biker jacket ! You'd look just like a Kera Magazine model ! The waist is completely shirred, I'd advise no more than 71cm approximately though because beyond the first tier tends to "get up" a little, you just have to iron it down though. They say on Kera Shop it can stretch up to 78cm. 48€/62USD (7 895Y on Kera Shop, now sold out)

Offbrand tiered skirt in black

Proof picture]
Bought on Y!J I worn only once. It has a built in petticoat and a fully shirred waist that stretch up to 73cm and still being comfy. It is very versatile, it can be worn many ways for many looks, punk lolita, gothic lolita, it's up to you ! It's quite a heavy skirt though - perfect when it's windy to avoid pantsu shots xD- so shipping fees will be a little higher for this one. 35€/42USD

Emily Temple Cute "Blue Bird" JSK in  pink

Picture of the back] [Dirt spot 1] [
Dirt spot 2 and print detail]
Adorable Emily Temple Cute JSK Bought on Y!J with blue birds and jewel print, which is glittery ! It has two stains and I received it this way from the seller, I didn't try to remove them as I don't fit in. 71cm waist  and 87cm bust maximum, no shirring. 50€/64USD

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