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If you interest to purchase something from ANNA HOUSE, and the amount over HK$2000(US$265), then you will recevie 5%off for your purchase :D, therefore, I am trying to help you all girls to reach this amount.
Also you dont have to pay shipping from ANNA HOUSE! Why?? because I just take 15 minutes by walk to go there. In addition, I will ship your goods by airmail with tracking number. The shipping cost is cheaper than ANNA HOUSE.

If we can not reach to this amount, we may not be able to recevie the 5% discount, but dont worry , because you will receive the cheapest shipping from me :)
For example:
My shopping service
Item 1 blouse(HK$280) (US$37) + Item 2 blouse(HK$230) (US$30.40) = HK$510 x 5%off = HK$484.5 (US$64.03) + commission HK$40 (US$5.29) + shipping HK$58.1 (US$7.68)  +4.5%paypal fee = HK$608.82 (US$80.45)
Other Group Orders:
Item 1 blouse(HK$280)(US$37)+Item 2 blouse(HK$230)(US$30.40)+shipping from AH $40 per item @2+AH paypal fee 4%+ shipping to your home (varies HK$75=US$10)+ receiver's paypal fee 4-5%? =HK$716.14(US$94. 63)
Item 1 bouse (HK$280)(US$37)+Item 2 blouse(HK$230)(US$30.40)+shipping from AH HK$350(US$46.35)+4%paypal fee=HK$894.4(US$118.19)
Shopping Service Group Orders will have 2 invoices
First payment: Total amount of items + commission HK$40/$60/$70/$80+paypal fee 4.5%
Final payment: Shipping + paypal fee 3.5%+HK$2.5(US$.30)
Shipping method:
Regular airmail with tracking number
*Second class airmail with tracking number 
*means the package must not be sealed for the customs being checked, therefore, the shipping fee is less than regular mail 
less then 2 items HK$40 (USD$5.29-$5.40)
3 items HK$60 (US$7.90- $7.95) 
4 - 5 items HK$70 (USD$9.25-$9.35)
6 - 8 items HK$80 (USD$10.57-$10.65)
8 or above HK$10 for each item (USD$1.33 - $1.45)
Each item of commission:
1 = HK$40(US$5.29)
2 = HK$20(US$2.65)
3 = HK$23.33(US$3.09) $20(US$2.65)
4 = HK$17.5(US$2.32)
5 = HK$14(US$1.85)
6 = HK$13.33(US$1.77)
7 = HK$11.42(US$1.51)
8 = HK$10(US$1.33)
GO: Please see the details at SS for ANNA HOUSE, if want to reach the amount over HK$2000(US$265), please comment here :) 
If your items are not be-spoke, I will ship your items directly, so you dont have to wait other people items to be done, and you dont have to wait a week for Anna House to ship items to me  ^___^, because I get your items from Anna House just take 15 mins by walk :D

If you missed the last time of GO/SS 5%off, this is the last chance to join, I wouldn't open GO/SS 5% OFF again in a while.  
Deadline: sunday 22 Aug, I will ask your paypal address and send invoices after I put your orders in the post! Order will be submitted on Monday,After sunday, I still take your order with 5%off discount until weduesday 25 Aug, after that day, I also still take order, ^_^but no 5%off discount. Please being responsible, to not quit, because we might not able to reach the amount! 

I will let you know on monday 23 Aug about the shipping methods and fee if your items are in stocks, you may pay the final invoice(shipping) on tuesday, and I ship your items on the same day, isn't fast ^_^?

Notice: *In StockYeah, got your items, I will tell you the shipping methods and fee as soon as possible, please let me know which shipping methods that you want to use (^_^)//

nezumichibi    (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)  SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1151, color white, size M,        HK$280
Dress: product no. 015-1120, color red, size M,             HK$580
First payment: HK$280+HK$580=HK$860 x 5%off = HK$817 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$895.57
*HK$43(US$5-6) left at me, will be used for the shipping.

i_u_l_e_s (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)      SHIPPED
Socks: product no. : 018-1165, color all white, size /      HK$65
Socks: product no. : 018-1165, color all black, size /      HK$65
Petticoat:product no. : 018-1163, color white, size: one HK$150
First payment: HK$65+HK$65+HK$150=HK$280 x 5%off = HK$266 + commissionHK$60 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$340.67

arthael (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied) SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1134, color black, size S         HK$320
Blouse: product no. 016-1107, color pink, size S           HK$280
First payment: HK$320+HK$280=HK$600 x 5%off = HK$570 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$637.45

princewicca (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied) SHIPPED
Petticoat:product no. : 018-1163, color white, size: one HK$150
Petticoat:product no. : 018-1163, color white, size: one HK$150
Blouse: product no. 016-1180, color white, size: S         HK$280
Blouse: product no. 016-1180, color white, size: M        HK$280
First payment: HK$150+HK150+HK$280+HK$280=HK$860 x 5%off = HK$817 + commissionHK$70 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$926.92

just_radtastic (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)   SHIPPED
Dress:product no. : 015-1074, color black, size: L    HK$480
Blouse: product no. 016-1180,color black, size L     HK$280
Blouse: product no. 016-1123,color white,size: L     HK$260
First payment: HK$480+HK$280+HK$260=HK$1020 x 5%off = HK$969 + commissionHK$60 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$1075.31

osakagrl   (QUIT, CANCELLED)
Blouse: product no. 016-1134,color black, size S   HK$320 
Blouse: product no. 016-1073,color antique white, size S HK$260
First payment: HK$320+HK$260=HK$580 x 5%off = HK$551 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$617.60

utena1409 (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied) SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1107,color white, size S   HK$280
Blouse: product no. 016-1107,color white, size S   HK$280
First payment: HK$280+HK$280=HK$560 x 5%off = HK$532 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$597.74

raine_sage81  (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)    SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1127,color white w/black ribbon,size S HK$380
Skirt: product no. 013-1135, color black, size Free   HK$350
First payment: HK$380+HK$350=HK$730 x 5%off = HK$693.50 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$766.51

caffeine_buzz  (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)  SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1180,color black,size XL        HK$280
Blouse: product no. 016-1127,color White w/ white lace, size XL  HK$380
First payment: HK$280+HK$380=HK$660 x 5%off = HK$627 + commissionHK$40 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$697.02

alumina_x (confirmed, ppa received,invo sent, payment recevied)  SHIPPED
Blouse: product no. 016-1156, color black, size M           HK$380
Skirt: product no. 013-1157, color black, size Free          HK$330
Petticoat: product no. 018-1163, color black, size Free  HK$150
Bloomers: product no. 018-1089, color black, size M       HK$80
First payment:HK$380+HK$330+HK$150+HK$80= HK$940 x 5%off = HK$893 + commissionHK$70 + 4.5%paypal fee = HK$1006.34

Feedback can be found at loligoth database   
  either my livejournal  

Shopping Service for ANNA HOUSE

Shopping Service for Taobao
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