baseball_idiot (baseball_idiot) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Urgent DS: Red Bodyline Rockinghorse Shoes


Hi everybody! Today I have up for trade/sale a brand new pair of rockinghorse shoes from bodyline. I was reading around on the forums about shoes for lolitas with bigger feet, and a girl said bodyline's size 27 will fit an 11 or 11 1/2, so I took a chance and ordered them. When they arrived i was able to slip(squeeze) my feet in them and decided to try and walk around. My feet were killing me and they were way too tight on me D: They have been tried on a few times and just worn around my house so they are still in good condition. The only thing bad that happened to them was a bit of rubbing on the ankle strap from buckling them. I am looking to get about what I payed for them, which is 50 not including shipping or best offer. I need the money badly OTL
here's a link to the shoes on the bodyline website:

sorry for the crap-tacular pic, my brothers stole the camera and I don't know where it is :l
Thank you!
Tags: !ds, bodyline

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