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--About Me
**I have feedback on the new database and on ebay under the name matcha_pop
**I have cats. They're not allowed in the room where I keep my lolita clothes but I figure I'd let potential buyers know, just in case.
**I'm willing to look at trades, however I'll only trade for brand. Here's my wishlist to get an idea of what I'm looking for.

--The items
**Measurements are amateur measurements; figured by laying flat and doubling the measurement. Measurements from the brand will be noted as such.

**All US packages will be shipped with free delivery confirmation. For Canada/international tracking is not available on first class packages, therefore, all items over $50 will be shipped priority mail international.
**I can't be responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. I do my best to package everything very well but please purchase insurance if you're worried your item might be lost/damaged.

**I don't charge paypal fees!
**E-checks are fine. I prefer e-checks to waiting for your funds to transfer. Obviously, your item will not ship until your payment clears.
**I reserve the right to not take CC paypal from users with new/empty journals or no feedback. Also, I'll only ship to verified addresses.
**Immediate payment has priority. Please do not ask me to invoice you if you can not pay right away, unless we've agreed upon something else first.

**Holds will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please let me know when and how much you'll be able to pay and I'll let you know if it's do-able.

**Whoever fills out the form first gets it!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bow Blouse

Worn once, in perfect condition with no stains or flaws. Tie is a seprate piece and can be removed, tied differently, etc. Cute, but since I have something similar I don't need this. Note: in the picture, the bow isn't wrapped around the neck so if you decide to wear it this way, your bow might be smaller. Blouse has no shirring in back.

Measurements: Bust - ~90cm max

Price: $65 + shipping - SOLD!
US Shipping - $5.50
Canada- $12 (flat rate priority envelope)
International: $14 (flat rate priority envelope)

Metamorphose Punkuma Skirt

Bought used, never worn by me. Has somewhat of a used feeling but no stains or damage. Includes waist ties.

Measurements: waist: 62cm - 66cm, length: 40.5cm

Price: $45 + shipping
US Shipping:$5.50
Canada- $12 (flat rate priority envelope)
International: $14 (flat rate priority envelope)

Btssb Light Cream JSK
Proof pic
Close Up of lace

Purchased Used, worn once by me.
A few points of note - while I was washing it I used some oxyclean and the overall color was lightened the color a bit. I purposely lightened the detachable lace area behind the ribbons to match, but its about one shade lighter than the rest of the JSK. There is also a small stain, but its faint. Overall the flaws aren't really noticeable while wearing but I would rather make note of *everything* than have someone receive it and be upset.

Measurements: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 76cm, length: 86cm - These are the measurements of the garment itself and there is no shirring. It is recommended you be a bit smaller than these measurements.

Price: $65 $52 + shipping
US Shipping - $5.50
Canada- $12 (flat rate priority envelope)
International: $14 (flat rate priority envelope)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bustle Back JSK

Brand new, never tried on/worn.

Measurements - Bust: 60cm-90cm ; waist:56cm -80cm ; length:89cm
(measurements are on the conservative side. The JSK stretches more than this, but it might not be comfortable.)

Price: $120 $96 + shipping TRADED
US: $10.70
Canada: $23.50 (priority)
International: $34.10 (priority)
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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